9 Daily Rituals to Boost Performance at Work - #infographic

Achieving success in life can come down to something as simple as the routines you integrate into your daily life. These can help you to focus your mind, boost your energy and improve your productivity.

If you’re looking to start improving your everyday habits, then this infographic from Pound Place should prove very helpful. They have gathered together some of the best scientifically proven and expert tips for small changes that can make a big difference in your life.

A good way to start any day is to include a quick blast of cold water with your morning shower. As well as waking you up in a flash the cold boosts your circulation and releases endorphins, putting you in a better frame of mind and helping to give you a positive outlook for the day ahead.

Another way to get in the right mood to focus on your tasks at hand is to take some time out to come back to your body by grounding your feet and centring yourself. By following some short steps, you can calm your mind and remove the stress or anxiety that might inhibit your performance in certain situations.

To avoid overloading your brain and body with too much work, it is important to also incorporate mini-breaks. By taking five minutes out after every 25 minutes of solid work you will be fresh and ready to take on the next segment of activity.

With some minor alterations to your daily routine you will start to notice improvements in your overall productivity without having to make drastic changes to how you work. Try out the tips in the infographic and see which ones fit best into your life.
Improve Your Work Performance with These 9 Daily Rituals - #infographic
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