Run Better Meetings and Stop Losing Money on Face-to-Face Time

There are around 11 million business meetings being held per day — but statistics say that around 67% of those meetings are seen as unproductive. In all, it leads to around $37 Billion in wasted effort. In fact, most people admit to resorting to accomplishing other work when attending a meeting. After all, who hasn’t fallen into the temptation of answering a couple of emails while the PowerPoint flows on by?

How can you make sure that your meeting doesn’t fall into this vast black hole of uselessness?This graphic from GetVoIP gives some pointers and tips from innovators that discuss the how, why, and when of meeting savvy to give you a way to lead by example.

With so many people now working remotely, more and more people want to know how it may be possible to cut down on meeting time and focus on their own productivity. The answer lays in asking why you need to have a meeting and generally making face-to-face into a last resort. Ask yourself if there’s any possibility of getting the same or better results with online communication. Today most aspects of a live meeting can be conducted online. Even brainstorming sessions can be facilitated digitally with tools like Conceptboard.

If you must meet, leaders suggest to keep it specific. Have a specific agenda and keep to the task at hand. End with a summary and clear action steps.

See the infographic below to discover more tricks of the trade from big time CEOs. Did you know about Bezos and the two-pizza rule or why Oprah doesn’t do facetime? It’s a perfect read for that big meeting you have coming up.
10 Tips for Efficient Meetings from Successful Leaders [Infographic]
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