In Terms Of Visitation, YouTube Surpasses Facebook By 3%

Social media users – on average – tend to spend at least 2.5 hours a day on social media. In a latest research conducted by GlobalWebIndex, YouTube (86%) has taken over Facebook (83%) in terms of visitation.

The video-sharing site is the most popular among the millennials. It holds significance to state that most of the social platforms also entice 37% of the users to research about the products. Some of the brands have also added chatbots on their Facebook pages which empowers them to answer the queries of the individuals besides recommending purchases.

Most visited social sites:

- YouTube (86%)

- Facebook (83%)

- WhatsApp (60%)

- Facebook Messenger (58%)

- Instagram (57%)

- Twitter (53%)

- LinkedIn (42%)

- Pinterest (34%)

- Snapchat (27%)

- Line (21%)

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