How To Have The Best Internet Snow Day - #infographic

If you lived through the 1980s you remember a time before the Internet. People in offices did things on typewriters, copy machines, and they actually wrote things by hand and placed them in physical files. It was time consuming, and computers took much of the bulk of office life away in addition to simplifying and speeding up certain processes. As a result most people can do their work from anywhere in the world these days as long as they have an Internet connection. But what happens when the Internet goes out?

Most business doesn’t happen offline anymore. That means when there is an outage your work day will most likely grind to a halt. That’s not entirely a bad thing, though. After all we weren’t meant to pay bills and die. Sometimes it’s ok to take an Internet snow day and reconnect with the three dimensional world. If you can’t look up craft ideas on Pinterest try to make up your own using stuff you already have. If you can’t stream movies pull out your dusty DVD collection and watch something you haven’t seen in awhile. Better yet, go to the bookstore or library and read an actual book, or go to the gym and do a yoga class. Go for a walk in the park instead of just watching others do so out your office window.

An Internet snow day doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Learn how to use your newfound free time when the Internet goes out from this infographic!
How To Have The Best Internet Snow Day - #infographic

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