Facebook Users Can Now See The Precise Number Of Updates A Page Publisher Posts Within A Day

In a recent development, social media giant Facebook has decided to depict the number of posts a page publisher updates in a single day. The numbers of the posts can be seen within the search results of the query.

Image via Greg Baroth

This particular option is probably rolled out for two reasons:

1- Users can fairly get an idea what to expect from each page in terms of posts

2- Helping the social media geeks in comprehending their posting schedule

Facebook always discourages over-posting. They are more inclined towards quality posts and encourages 2-3 posts in a day. Moreover, the idea of news feed is to show the user about the most relevant story which means not every post of a page publisher will appear in their news feed.

If you are a publisher, set a standard against your competitors. Look for them in the search bar and see how often they are publishing.

Source: Socialmediatoday
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