A Step-By-Step Tutorial For Making Your Own Website With Wix

As of today, there are hundreds of website building platforms available on the internet. While WordPress is one of the most used website building platform, it is mostly used for blogging. So what if you want to build your own website for a purpose other than blogging? Wix website builder has got your back. Wix is the ultimate professional website building platform for all kinds of websites.

Before jumping in to building your website, here are 3 questions that you should ask yourself. Once you know the answers to these questions, website building will look like a piece of cake.

What is your website about?
The first question you should ask yourself before building a website is, “what is my website about?” Is it business-oriented or is it going to publish random news? Think about this and think hard. Once you have decided the main topic of your website, it will become easier for you to choose the type of website.

Who is the audience
Determining the type of website isn’t the only raw material you need to build your website. You have to think about the audience too. What do they want? What do you want them to see when they visit the first page of your website? Of course, a business-oriented website will have a business-oriented audience. But this step will help you design your website. You’ll have to choose things that’ll attract your audience just by looking at your website. If the audience isn’t satisfied, what’s the point of the website?

Purpose of the website?
One more thing that will help you choose your website type is the purpose of your website. Ask yourself this question, ‘why am I making this website?’ Try to write 5 answers for this question so you yourself can better understand the purpose of your website. Keeping all of these points in mind, you can easily choose the type of your website.

By now, you must’ve already decided the type of your website. However, there are two more things that you need:
  1. A domain name
  2. A web hosting service

Domain name

The domain name consists of the name of your website. Although most of the domains are already taken on the internet, you can think of your unique one. Think of a name that describes your website in one word. A name that is eye catching and immediately gives the audience an idea of what the website is about.

One more thing to keep in mind while choosing a domain name is that you should always prefer the ‘.com’ domain over the others. Moreover, you should never choose a name that is difficult to remember or even difficult to spell.

Web hosting

A web hosting service allows other people to access your website over the internet. Different web hosting providers have different rates for their services. The prices range from $5-$1000 per month depending on the services.

However, you can get the hosting and a domain name from Wix itself.

Wix’s premium plans

Wix provides users with a number of premium plans. These plans include different things such as ads removal, cloud storage, customized favicons, and much more. These premium plans provide hosting along with a free domain name. You can purchase these plans and get a free domain name or you can purchase your own domain name from a third party provider.

The benefit of purchasing a domain name from outside is that it provides flexibility and makes it easy for you to change your website’s platform and hosting provider whenever necessary.

After you’re done with these initial steps, you’re ready to build your website with Wix.

Step #1: Sign up

The first step towards building your website with Wix is signing up for the platform. Head over to the Wix’s sign up page here. Provide the necessary details and confirm your account through e-mail.

Step #2: Choose your website type

During the sign-up process, Wix will ask you the type of website you wish to build. If you want to build a business website, choose business. If you want to build some other website, go ahead and choose that option. It’s all up to you!

Step #3: Wix Editor or Wix ADI?

Once you have chosen the type of your website, Wix will ask you if you want to use the ADI or the editor to build your website. To help you choose this, here is the introduction for both and the difference between them.

Wix Editor vs Wix ADI

  1. The advantages of Editor and ADI - The Wix Editor allows users to build their website from a huge variety of professional looking templates, you can also choose a blank template and build your own website from scratch. However, the ADI works more efficiently. The ADI is Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence which automatically builds your website by asking you questions related to your website. 
  2. Customization potions - Although the ADI is faster and easier to use, it might require further customization, available in the Editor.
  3. Easy drag-and-drop interface - The Wix Editor supports drag and drop commands so you can easily add and manipulate images and other elements in your website just by dropping them. On the other hand, the ADI builds your website by adding images and other things by itself.
  4. Wait, can I switch from ADI to Editor? Remember, even if you start your website using Wix ADI, you can always switch to the editor at any point of the process, in order to tweak your website and make it completely your own.
  5. Time investment – Wix ADI will create a fully-fledged website in just a few minutes, so if your hands are tied doing other, more pressing tasks, this might be the preferable option for you.

Keeping these differences in mind, you can choose which one you want to use. However, we will go through both; the process of building the website with the editor and the ADI.

Step #4: Building with the ADI

Building your website with the ADI is much easier than building it with the editor. To get started, choose the ADI after you have selected the type of your website. The ADI will then ask you couple of questions regarding your website. Think of it as a sort of personal assistance that will build a website automatically for you.
  1. If you have chosen to design a business website, the ADI will ask you the nature of your business. It will also suggest some to get you started. Choose the type of business you want to host.
  2. After choosing the type of business, Wix will ask what features you need in your website. You can add a number of features in your website depending on the type of your website. For example, if you have a news website, you can add an archive feature to archive old news. If your website is for booking tickets, you can add the bookings features.
  3. Thereafter, the ADI will ask you the name of your website. You can name it whatever you want for now.
  4. Later, the ADI will then ask general information about your company like your contact number, address, etc. With the help of this information, Wix ADI will build the contact page of your website.

After getting this general information about your website, Wix will switch to questions regarding the design of your website. When you’re done providing general information, click on start to answer questions related to the design of your site.

Wix ADI will ask for the color scheme you prefer. You will be provided with different color schemes. You have to choose not just the one you like but the one that fits well with your website too.

Wix will finally start building your website and in a minute or so, your website will be presented before you. You can check the navigation pages the ADI has built and the overall look of your website. If you don’t like it, you can edit it. However, it is not necessary that the ADI will always create an eye-catching, all-fulfilling website for you. If you are unhappy with the website you have been served with, you can either edit it, or create a separate one using the Wix Editor. As compared to the ADI, the editor gives you full control over the website right from the start, and you can edit whatever you want whenever you want, yourself.

Step #5: Building with the Editor

When Wix asks you to choose between the editor and the ADI, choose the editor. After clicking on the editor, a number of website templates will show up on the screen. These templates will be shown based on the type of your website. You can also go to free website templates to explore hundreds of free templates.

Choosing Your Perfect Wix Template

Choosing the template is also a quite tricky thing. While choosing a template, keep these things in mind. This will help you choose a template that not only suits your needs but also requires the least amount of changes.

  1. Choose a template that is according to the type of your website.
  2. Your template should require the least number of changes. Therefore, choose a template that already has the major things you want in your website.
  3. Remember the content your website is going to have. If your website will have more text, choose a template that has space for large text. If your website is going to contain many images, choose the one with space for more images.
  4. Easy navigation should also be your focus. Make sure that your website is easily ‘navigate-able’ meaning that users can easily go through different pages of the website. To keep this factor in check, go through all of the template to see its flow.

Once you’ve checked all of these, you can easily choose the template that best fits your website.

It’s all downhill after choosing the template. Wix consists of a user-friendly interface that helps you design your website by the simple drag and drop method. The interface allows you to add buttons, widgets, lists, slideshows, videos, and every other thing a website can consist of.

All you have to do now is design the website or in general, edit the template. Once you’re done, your website is ready. The Wix editor has a number of other features such as the App Market which allows you to add different plugins, customized side bars and navigation bars. You can also use Wix SEO Wiz to increase your visibility online. Wix SEO Wiz has some very cool features, including instantly indexing your site on Google.

Once your website is fully designed, all you have to do is add the relevant content to it. Choose your content carefully by keeping in mind the main topic of your website and the expected audience. Engage with your visitors through the comments sections and get to know their needs. Remember that customer satisfaction is success. If your visitors are satisfied, your website is a successful one. That’s all you need to do to get your website up and running by using Wix.
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