Visual Gold! The New Revolution of Content Marketing - #Infographic

Content is evolving and marketers need to expand their content marketing strategy to include visual elements into their overall mix.

The problem is that customer and prospects have less time for weighty words due to the current state of information overflow. In addition, the fast paced world of social media has forced us to learn to digest information faster and sometimes even at a glance. This visual consumption of data lets us know the big message and allows us to decide whether or not we need to keep reading.

The future of content marketing is found in visual content; infographics, photos, videos, memes, and other engaging content that captivates a viewer. For proof, check out the infographic below — learn how you too can build your content marketing campaign into a solid structure of visual gold.

Visual Gold! The New Revolution of Content Marketing - #Infographic
H/T: marketo
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