20 Useful Words and Phrases for Writing Compelling Essays - #Infographic

Student life is not only about living with your mates on campus, parties, sports and other pleasant activities. In everyday studying routine, each college or university student faces with the problem of essay writing. This task is often underrated by freshmen; they used to have unserious attempt to it, as the result - bad marks and finally unsatisfied GPA.

Considering the topic of this infographic, the team at EssayPro has decided to make an accent on the general structural unit of any language (as well as text) - word. Choosing different, literally prepped words, you can significantly improve readability and context relevance of the essay. Phrases are built with words, very often one repetitive and shared word can be replaced with the bunch of phrases. Just for instance, “but” you can change with the phrases like On the other hand, However, Having said that, etc.

There also individual speech figure that helps you to submit your mind, it creates logical structure. Instead of reading boring educational paragraphs, you can only look through this little infographic and decide which words will suit your essay best!

Remember folks, “small strokes fell great oaks.”

Have a great success in education, and we will be happy to help in the future!

Infographic courtesy of Essaypro - A company that provides essay writing, editing and tutoring service.
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