How To Start A Blog: The 12-Month Checklist - #Infographic

Starting small is difficult. It requires a lot of patience. It's not a secret that achieving consistent, small, measurable goals can establish more permanent, disciplined, productive routines. Ask anyone who's lost a lot of weight just by adjusting their diet. They didn't keep at it because they dropped 50 pounds in one day. It's the incremental progress in the right direction and faith in the fact that it'll all be worth it that propels them forward.

Blogging is very similar, actually. Hear me out! It's far more likely that your post will get just a few clicks on social media rather than go viral and garner thousands of followers in one fell swoop. Forget the one-hit-wonders. Blogging's about compiling a greatest hits album. You have to keep showing up and turning out content for your audience, proving relevance, and staying committed to your purpose to see marked progress.
How To Start A Blog: The 12-Month Checklist - #Infographic
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