How to Navigate the Social Ad Spend Solar System - #Infographic

Social media is a popular channel of choice, with 2.31 billion active social media users and 1.97 billion active mobile social media users worldwide, according to data from We Are Social—and it’s getting better by the minute.

Recent updates to many social networks’ algorithms give users a better experience—one with less promotional content and more relevant content that they want to see. However, this means that, as a marketer, you need to supplement your organic posts with paid promotion to get your posts seen by your audience.

Luckily, advertising on social media platforms is also improving—for both marketers and our audience. As marketers, we have an abundance of ad types, targeting, metrics, and available social platforms at our fingertips. This bonanza of improvements also benefits the end-users since they’re seeing ads that are more relevant to them and their interests, rather than a bunch of noise.

Given this expanding universe of continually evolving options, you may feel a bit overwhelmed as you’re evaluating if, when, and how to jump into social advertising. Fear not, other marketers have already planted footprints across the solar system of social advertising and we can all benefit from their brave efforts. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind as you start your odyssey.

How to Navigate the Social Ad Spend Solar System - #Infographic
H/T: marketo
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