How to Connect With Your Customers - #infographic

Do you know what made Zappos such a great company? It wasn’t that they were selling shoes online – they weren’t the first ones to do that. It was the way Zappos connected with their customers. They had a few philosophies they lived by such as:
  • The customer is always right even when he or she is wrong.
  • You can make your customers happy by focusing on the experience instead of just the product.
  • By making things convenient for your customers, such as a 365-day return policy, you will win their loyalty.
Connecting with your customers on an emotional level is important because if you do, they will be 300% more likely to recommend you. Or, better yet, they will be 44% less likely to shop around, and they will be 33% less sensitive when it comes to your price.
How to Connect With Your Customers - #infographic
H/T: quicksprout
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