How Psychology Can Make Your Emails More Appealing - #infographic

Your email marketing campaigns aren’t as effective as they could be. How do we know? Well, unless you’re getting a 100% open rate on every campaign — which is rare or nonexistent — there’s room for improvement. When was the last time you examined the appeal and effectiveness of your email marketing campaign messages? Maybe you’ve let it slide for a while because it requires covering a lot of ground.

Those factors are all equally important. But here’s the thing: Every single one of them takes a back seat to your open rate. You could send the most beautifully composed email, with all the right words, colors, and images, but it won’t do you one bit of good if your recipients leave the email unopened, delete it, or, worst of all, unsubscribe from your list. Furthermore, when your open rate steadily decreases or is below average, it can negatively affect your deliverability and impact all your email campaigns.

If your audience isn’t opening your emails, you’re losing money. It’s time to stem the tide — using principles of psychology. That’s right: You can use science-backed techniques from psychology to connect with your customers better on email. Here’s how, from seeking opt-ins to writing subject lines.

How Psychology Can Make Your Emails More Appealing - #infographic
H/T: salesforce
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