How Online Video Influences Your Audience - #infographic

The way people consume media is changing. Traditional TV is down, desktop is plateauing. People are canceling their cable TV subscriptions, but are signing up to streaming services like Netflix or Amazon prime in droves. Mobile is exploding and online video is enjoying a huge surge in popularity. YouTube has over a billion users, and that number is growing over 40% per year, with revenue growth up an even more impressive 50% over the same period.

This is starting to mean that YouTube is becoming more effective (or at least more cost effective) than TV when it comes to video advertising. A dutch brand called Landliebe, which focuses on dairy products, studied it's ROI on both TV ads and YouTube ads, to discover which form of video advertising was more effective.

How Online Video Influences Your Audience - #infographic
H/T: thinkwithgoogle

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