10 Quick Tips to Brand Building Brilliance - #Infographic

If the word “McDonalds” popped up in a conversation, chances are that your brain flashed an image of those distinctive golden arches and maybe a cheeseburger almost immediately. Now if someone offered you a good deal you on a generic laptop, chances are that you would second-guess it. But, if that laptop had a glowing Apple logo on it, however, the story changes completely.

This is the power of good branding, what John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing calls “the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable”.

In an age where social media has developed distinct personalities and “voices” for even the smallest of companies, developing a brand has never been more important. Almost every entrepreneur has a logo, design or persona to help set them apart from everyone else in their niche.

10 Quick Tips to Brand Building Brilliance - #Infographic
H/T: chrisducker
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