Multi-Device Content Consumption — Statistics and Trends - #infographic

Modern day marketing isn’t just about targeting one group of people through one channel anymore. Today marketing has become more of a catch-me-if-you-can game where you have to catch the customer across multiple channels and mediums. In today's competitive market, brand and marketers presence at every step of the buying cycle is critically important so that they can impact the customer’s choice more effectively.

The major changes have occurred as E-commerce is gradually shifting towards M-commerce and customers are now shifting between multiple channels and devices that now marketers have to navigate. A central pace to manage complex customer relationships is far more than necessary, it’s mandatory if you want to reach every customer in this multichannel world.

Most of the marketers think of multi-device content strategy as a challenge or obstacle, and it’s not as hard as they think. It’s imperative that marketers understand this fundamental aspect of the user experience and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. Here are some of the stats you need to know about multi-device content consumption determined by GO-Gulf Dubai, a web development company. These findings are advocates of the perspective that multi-device content strategy is the successful path forward for advertising.

  • 84% percent of the marketers believe that a comprehensive and defined cross-device strategy is essential for success. 
  • Smartphones are leading the race as an average user tends to spend almost 170 minutes on smartphone followed by 2 hours on the computer.
  • 67% of multi-screen consumer start shopping on one device and end up continuing it on another.
  • Sequentially screening between the devices, 81% of the users like to browse the internet, and 67% do online shopping.
  • Almost 90% of the multiple screen users use multiple screens periodically, or you can say sequentially to complete the task over time.
  • 90% of multiple screen users use more than one device to accomplish a task over time.

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