5 Things Every Digital Marketer Should Be Thankful for This Year - #infographic

When it comes to digital marketing, keeping up with the latest tools and trends can be challenging. Today’s marketers must constantly monitor the newest platforms and strategies in order to optimize their brand’s online presence. However, the hard work pays off—by utilizing the latest tools and approaches, marketers can engage audiences more deeply and inexpensively. MDG Advertising’s latest infographic offers insight into this year’s best strategies.

So, what changes should marketers celebrate this year? The return to quality content is one of them, thanks to changes in Google’s algorithm. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and unstructured content. Instead, well-written, valuable content ranks highest. Brands that create purpose-driven content are also rewarded, especially among Millennial consumers. This is a win-win for brands, as they can engage more customers while giving back to the community.

Mobile also remains a key component of any brand’s marketing strategy, with 77 percent of American adults owning a smartphone. This allows marketers to create strategies that are more targeted than ever before using GPS services, third-party apps, and even visual recognition. This year also brought increased rivalry between Google and Facebook, which was good news for marketers. Each platform offers powerful tools for advertisers, making either a good option.

With digital trends continually evolving, these tools and approaches likely will continue into next year. To find out more about these exciting changes in marketing, check out the full infographic (featured below).
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