5 Ways to Boost Sales on Facebook

The importance of using Facebook for business has been proven by numbers of brands that set foot in a Facebook promotion. No matter how experienced as a marketer you are, you know that Facebook is a modern marketing tool for growing your business.

It helps to build brand awareness, establish contact with customers, handle the negative feedback, and build brand loyalty. Moreover, if you know how to make the most out of Facebook, it's easy to implement strategies to increase sales as well.


What makes Facebook a valuable place for promotion?

  • 62.3% of Americans use Facebook regularly, and this number is kept on growing.
  • Americans spend 40 minutes on Facebook daily.
  • More than 40 million small businesses have active Facebook pages.
  • 42% of marketers claim that Facebook is important to their business.
  • 59% of Americans believe that customer service through social media is a great way to get questions answered and issues resolved.
Obviously, the above-mentioned statistics prove that Facebook is a perfect place for building your brand awareness, establishing long-term trustful relations with customers, and reaching a potential audience. All in all, it's about boosting your sales and, therefore, improving your income.

When you decide to create a Facebook brand page, you think about boosting sales, right?

Regular posting doesn't guarantee sales, so you'd better know how to stimulate buying decisions.

Video Marketing

Video content marketing is booming.

“Social media sites and video go hand-in-hand, and most sites encourage video posting and sharing. The viral video opportunities are endless when you use the right strategies to create and post your videos online.”Amy Porterfield.

Do you know that:
  • The number of posted videos have increased by 94% over the last years.
  • 90% of online shoppers say they find videos useful in making decisions.
  • By 2020, 80% of consumer Internet traffic is estimated to come from online videos.

Promoting with the help of video is a powerful tool as people perceive visual information better. 

When you run a Facebook brand page, you can invest into crafting a video review as it helps to highlight all advantages of your product/service and use the message psychology to reach your audience and make them want to buy.

While you're promoting your brand with the help of Facebook, its team wants to earn money with your help. Thus, it's nearly impossible to reach people without using paid ads.

However, it pays off as 26% that click ads make a purchase.

Now Facebook offers video ads that help to reach your potential customers and capture their attention.

The more people see your advertisement, the more chances someone will buy your product. Although there is a strong correlation between these statements, you need to save your budget to optimize the ads campaign. Doing the math helps to avoid wasting money:

  • Calculate an average CPC (cost per click) and CTR (click through rate).
  • Measure images sizes for Facebook ads: single image (1200*628 px), edge cases (1200*444px), carousel (1048*1048 px), slideshow (1280*720 px).

Analyze your ads campaigns to understand what works best for your audience as optimizing Facebook ads helps to reach more people without wasting much. Therefore, it helps to boost sales, especially if you pay attention to social media trends like video ads.

So, how to create a perfect Facebook video ad?

  • Keep the optimal length for your video ad. post a video of 6-10 seconds in order not to bother followers. 
  • Pay attention to the quality. Although short videos are more popular among Facebook users, you still need to do your best to create a high-quality video as it affects your brand reputation.
  • Include a CTA. It's hard to explain a lot when you have just 6-10 seconds, but you can grab your followers' attention and invite them to learn more about your product with a help of a call-to-action button.
  • Optimize your video ad. There's no perfect formula for video advertising, and you need to listen to your followers to make your video ad a perfect fit. See what works well for them and keep on testing ads. 
Video marketing has become an actionable way to interact with followers and encourage them to explore more about your product. Thus, using videos leads to driving sales, and it's a great opportunity to increase your revenue.

Offer a discount

If you believe that people follow your brand on Facebook as they're interested in reading benefits of your product day in and day out, we have bad news for you then.

42% of people claim that they join the brand community to get a coupon or discount. Unless you can satisfy your audience's needs and offer them something valuable, they care about neither you nor your brand. People crave for benefits.

Moreover, it's in our nature to look for better opportunities, and it's scientifically proven that people are more likely to buy when they get deals, so offering even 5% discount significantly boosts sales.

Key takeaways:

  • Announce a discount period in advance. To increase the actual sales from your offers, let more people know about these claims. Thus, inform your followers in advance about the discount period to make them ready for the purchase decisions.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Write the deadlines for action to encourage followers to use your offer right the moment.
  • Add a visual to grab attention. Eye-catching visuals capture attention and help to sell products on Facebook. Choosing the right visual allows you to sell solutions, not products.
  • Create an offer through Ads Manager to reach more potential clients. Organic reach is dying, and you need to spend money on ads to reach more people.

When it comes to creating an offer ad, you can choose an objective and decided whether you want to boost traffic to your website or increase conversions.

Rewarding your loyal followers is a must if you want to increase awareness and sales.

Black Friday and Xmas holidays are coming, so it's just a perfect time to offer your product at a discount. If you want to boost sales on Facebook, give your subscribers a possibility to save money with you, and they will never forget you.

Set Up a Facebook Store

If you publish interesting and useful materials that might satisfy your audience's needs, that's great. If you promote your products as well, that's better for your sales strategy.

Facebook has launched a service to sell products online, and many brands open their online shops to list the variety of products and help their fans buy goods. Customers can browse products and checkout on Facebook.

If you haven't added a shop section to your Facebook page yet, think about the facts that 51% of Americans prefer to shop online; over 60% of people research products online before they make a purchase; 30% of online shoppers say they would be likely to make a purchase from a social media network like Facebook.

E-commerce is growing rapidly, and going hand-in-hand with this trend is crucial. Facebook has announced integrated shops, so you can sell your products without leaving the platform.

If you have set up a Facebook store, your visitors can purchase products directly from your online shop. Moreover, Facebook stores are designed for mobile as many people use this platform with the help of their smartphones, so mobile-optimization allows them to enjoy the shopping process. Having a shop on Facebook makes the purchase process easier, and it attracts more customers.

Now you can add all your products and stop using websites as your fans can look through all collections on Facebook. Moreover, these shops are easy to open.

NB: Write down prices for items. People value their time and waiting for the response in DM is annoying.

Moreover, Facebook has call-to-action buttons that help to encourage actions. If you want to boost sales, use a Shop Now button to link to your online store and, therefore, attract more visitors.

Why sell on Facebook?

  • It's easy. Setting up the shop doesn't take much time.
  • It's free. You don't have to pay for opening a store on Facebook.
  • It's safe and secure. Facebook is a reliable platform, so customers feel comfortable to buy here. Plus, they can save their payment information for further using.

To reach more people, you'd better promote your store, and using a multi-product carousel is a proven way to capture their attention.

Now you don't have to create separate campaigns to promote different products. Choose 3-10 products to focus on in a single ad unit.

Using carousel ads is not just about displaying your products; it's about telling stories and sharing details as well. Thus, it's a proven way to build brand awareness and increase brand loyalty. Moreover, it allows you to sell various products at the same time.

Benefits of carousel ads:

  • It allows you to promote several products at the same time.
  • It helps to show people how to use your product.
  • It's possible to use photos/videos/links/CTA buttons.
  • It doesn't cost extra money.
  • It engages the audience.
  • It performs on desktops and mobiles.

Most marketers know that running Facebook brand pages gives many benefits, and selling online helps to boost sales among your followers, so set up a Facebook store to promote your products and grow sales.

Use Message Chatbots

There's no secret that people follow their favorite brands on social media to establish a connection with them and get answers to their questions in a comfortable way.

When people follow your brand, they expect you to provide them with a great customer service, and 59% of Americans would try a new brand or company for a better service experience.

If you don't want to lose your followers, reply to their questions as fast as it's possible. We know that dealing with many marketing duties is hard, and sometimes we can't reply to all inquiries due to a lack of time.


Message chatbots can help any marketer a lot!

The artificial intelligence is the future of E-commerce. More and more brands use chatbots to interact with customers via a chat interface.

Chatbots are services that are handy for a variety of reasons:

  • Improve customer service. Modern customers value their time, and you need to reply to their inquiries fast to keep them interested in buying your product. Thus, staying online 24/7 is a proven way to satisfy customers' needs. However, it's nearly impossible for people to work all day long, and here comes the main benefit of chatbots. When you use this service, you rely on a bot that can respond to main questions. People expect fast customer service, and chatbots give it.
  • Inform customers about new products. If you want to sell on Facebook, you can't wait for your customers to be interested in searching for new items. You need to promote products to capture their attention, and chatbots can inform customers about new ones.
  • Make the purchase process easier. Online shopping is getting more popular, and most people buy something at least once a year. However, when you have a difficult online form, it prevents customers from completing their purchases. Using chatbots allows you to make the purchase process easier and, therefore, increase sales.
  • Provide product recommendations. When shopping online, most people have difficulty in choosing the right size or color, and chatbots can help customers get the desired product without wasting much time online. When you program chatbots, you can make them provide product recommendations when needed.
  • Send offers. You know that people love exclusive offers and promos, and chatbots can send customized offers to customers to make the purchase process more appealing.

As chatbots offer many benefits for brands, 80% of businesses said that they are planning to implement some form of an automated technology by 2020.

Obviously, chatbots vary. They've evolved recently, and chatbots are sophisticated tools that help marketers deal with some business processes. You can use a chatbot that functions based on rules or using machine learning. The more you invest in their development, the more functions you get.

When you try to sell on Facebook, having a chatbot is a great way to interact with followers and turn them into potential customers as they offer a personalized experience based on customers' social media profiles and engage with customers. Adding personalization to the shopping experience has been shown to lift sales by 8%. Plus, using the artificial intelligence helps to gather feedback and work on your customer service gaps in order to satisfy potential customers in the future.

And once again, chatbots reply to inquiries fast, and we all know the importance of getting a fast response from a brand as it increases the brand loyalty.

Live Stream

Facebook live videos are extremely popular as people enjoy watching it. It's another perfect tool to craft unique and interesting content your subscribers are interested in. Believe it or not, people may watch 20-minute live streams while they have an average attention span of 8 seconds. The main idea is that live streaming seems unscripted so they grab and hold attention.

Just imagine: 81% of users said they watched more live streaming content than a year prior.

Facebook Live allows you to tell your followers more about your brand and increase sales. For example, you can use streaming to create your product reviews in a real-time as you can ask your viewers to put questions and reply to them immediately. You can see the number of live viewers and a real-time stream of comments while broadcasting. Moreover, it helps to save money on video creating as you don't have to mount videos to post on your the news feed.

Plus, it remains on your page’s timeline after finishing as well, so people who have missed the stream can watch it anytime they can. And it's the main difference between broadcasting on Periscope where videos disappear in 24 hours. As live streams live forever on the news feed, you can promote it to get more viewers.

So, why going live is crucial for your business?

  • It helps to build connection in real time.
  • Your fans get a notification every time you go live so they can join you.
  • Live videos stay available for all fans and visitors.

Keeping up with current trends is essential for marketers who want to grow their business and sell more on Facebook.

The Bottom Line

If you want to sell on Facebook, put your customers first. Satisfying their needs is a surefire way to boost sales as people never forget brands that sell solutions, not products.

If you know Facebook trends, it's easier for you to implement winning strategies and make your product go sky-high.

Have you tried any of the above-mentioned tips to boost sales on Facebook? What works best for your followers?

About the Author:
Hugh Beaulac is a blogger who runs MC2 website and implements various marketing techniques to make it sky-high. Follow Hugh on Twitter to keep in touch!
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