14 Scientific Reasons To Disconnect At The Weekend - #infographic

What did you do over the weekend? Chances are you put a few extra hours in at work, whether in the office or on the sofa with your smart phone. Americans have a bad habit of working too much: 61% even take their work on vacation with them, which is pretty extreme when you consider that the average American only takes half of their earned vacation time in the first place.

If you feel pressured to work on your day off to impress your boss, to earn a few extra bucks, or because you genuinely want to excel at what you do, the irony is that you might actually end up doing more harm than good. A report from Business Roundtable showed that construction workers turning in 60-hour weeks over a two-month period were ultimately no more productive than had they worked 40-hour weeks in the first place.

14 Scientific Reasons To Disconnect At The Weekend - #infographic
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