The Ultimate Listing of Paid Influencer Marketing Solutions

The Ultimate Listing of Paid Influencer Marketing Solutions
The below technology vendors were part of the native advertising technology landscape research presented at the beginning of the year. One of the categories that falls under the native moniker is paid influencer marketing or influencer advertising.

There are plenty of earned media influencer marketing solutions out there that merely identify influencers and/or track them. It’s then up to the brand to reach out and pitch them on why they should participate in an influencer program.

These solutions are different. They facilitate some type of quid pro quo transaction. It’s typically monetary in nature, but it can also include products, services - or even Amazon gift cards. Some of these vendors have global reach, while others are more regional or hyper-local. The technology providers below offer turnkey self-service up to, and including, white-glove service.
adMingle – Connects brands and influencers globally
Adproval – Connects brands with social media, blog and video influencers. USA.
Blogsvertise – Connects brands with bloggers for sponsored blog conversations. Global.
BrandPlug – Connects brands with influencers. Pay per impression pricing. Global.
Content BLVD – Contects consumer product brands with YouTube influencers. Global.
Izea – Platform for marketers to discover influencers, pay them and manage workflow of content. Global.
Linqui – Has over 100K “power-middle” social media and blogging influencers. USA.
Markerly – Platform for brands to build their own influencer network via campaign management and CRM. White glove service. Global.
Megan Media – Platform for custom content delivery, influencer activation and digital media campaigns. White glove service. Global.
Peadler – Connects local businesses with influencers. Pay using rewards – products or services. USA – major metros.
Style Coalition – Connects brands with lifestyle influencers. Includes analytics and content tracking. Global.
Sway Group – Connects brands and agencies with the largest network of female bloggers on the web. Full service influencer management. Global.
Bideo – Connects brands with influencers, journalists, vloggers, musicians. Global
BrandBrief – Connects brands with influencers. Fashion, beauty, food, wellness, tourism, gyms. Mobile interface. US, UK, Australia.
Buzzoole – Connects brands with influencers. Pay outs in discounts, offers, credits and Amazon gift cards. Global.
Nevaly – Connects brands with influencers. Gaming and mobile only. Global.
The Flux List – Connects brands with influencers using their proprietary FLUX Compatibility Index.
Liquid Social – Connect brands with social media influencers. Pays influencers for shares, clicks and views.

Influencer marketing is really hot right now, but unfortunately, most of my fellow talking-heads are writing exclusively about earned media when it comes to this topic. Paid media, or influencer advertising, is often not discussed in 'thought leader' circles.

Brands are beginning to figure out that the 'publish and pray' model of last decade doesn’t drive the KPIs they need today. As a result, some marketers are beginning to ask for, and receive, content distribution budgets.

This is where the above vendors come in. Earned media is great, but it can be very time consuming and may not work. These solutions cut through the pitching and the research and allow brands to get to work almost immediately on content promotion via influencers.
Source: socialmediatoday
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