Mobile App and Mobile Web Statistics and Data in Real Time

If you ever wondered how many Facebook messages or Instagram stories are being sent per minute, wonder no more! Playmobi provides data on mobile apps usage, and it’s all happening in real time!

We all know the internet is big, but seeing all these numbers and stats makes it as plain as day that internet has become our main “playground.” No matter what we need, we simply look it up Google or any of its siblings.

If we need to get in touch with somebody, rarely do we call or send a text. We use video calls and IM apps, and that’s entirely understandable – it makes the whole communication experience appear more real than a simple text. In written language, you can add emojis and GIFs, and there’s no character limit, and video calls are self-explanatory.

Just to give you a peek preview, there are over 12,000 voice calls and 6,000 video calls on WhatsApp every 10 seconds! As for Google searches, there are more than 75,000. And these stats reveal only the habits of mobile devices users.

We rely so heavily on apps, internet connection, and smartphones that these devices have become our extension. They are easy to use and handle, and they have access to the vast knowledge that is shared on the internet.

Merely 10 years ago, things were completely different, and social media was not a big deal yet. So, who knows what technology will bring us in the next decade? Are you ready?

Mobile App and Mobile Web Statistics and Data in Real Time - infographic

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