How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your #ContentMarketing - #Infographic

Every day more and more marketers are starting to use Artificially intelligent systems to improve every step of the customer journey. The tools, previously available just to enterprise-level companies are becoming affordable to medium- and small-sized businesses.

AI has the power to optimize our projects and processes to generate more valuable, appealing, and effective content for our audience. AI excels at analyzing huge amounts of data and make the predictions that humans find difficult or impossible to see. 75% of business executives said they would implement AI in their companies within the next three years and 79% of business executives believed AI will make their jobs more efficient, according to the 2017 Economist Intelligence Unit report.

Will your business be investing in AI systems and technologies? Check this infographic from WhiskData and learn 3 powerful ways how to use AI in content marketing.

3 Powerful Ways - How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your #ContentMarketing - #Infographic

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