How Much Data is Generated Every Minute?

This is the data generation. So many parts of our lives are infused with data, and it is pretty outstanding how much is being sent and received every minute. From email to e-commerce and social media to texting, data is now deeply integrated into our daily personal and professional experiences.

Let’s break it down here:

Websites and Search Engines

With approximately 3.7 billion people on the internet all around the world, the activity on websites and search engines contains a significant portion of generated data. As to be expected, many of the most popular sites continue to grow — encompassing much of the traffic and information exchange.

Here are some of the primary culprits:

  • Amazon – $258,751.90 in sales
  • The Weather Channel – 18,055,555.56 requests for forecasts
  • Google – conducts 3,607,080 searches
  • Buzzfeed – users view 50,925.92 videos
  • Wikipedia – users publish 600 edits

This occurs each minute — and is only a sampling of the websites and search engines used each day.

Email and Texts

The popularity of texting continues to rise significantly. In 2017, the average per minute texts sent is 15,220,700. Email still remains an important communication tool for personal and business use as well. Are you keeping an eye on your various inboxes? Spam is racing to accounts at the rate of 103,447,520 emails every 60 seconds.

Social Media

From sharing to clicking to swiping, companies are collecting so much detailed information from the data interchange on social media channels. Social media is a huge part of an overall digital marketing platform and using analytics to respond to the evolving needs of customers is smart business.

Here is a good sampling of the important numbers:

  • YouTube - 4,146,600 videos watched
  • Snapchat - 527,760 photos shared
  • Twitter – 456,00 tweets sent
  • Instagram- 46,740 photos shared
  • LinkedIn- 120+ professionals added

This data can be a valuable tool to businesses and social media agencies to form targeted marketing strategies. It is undebatable that the flow of data will continue to increase — and the value of that data right along with it.

Additional Data Streams

But wait, there’s more! From video streaming to payment services, there is much more out there. For instance, the use of GIFs as a communication tool has exploded over the last several years as images flood Facebook comment sections, bombard Twitter feeds, and many other platforms.

Check out what else is happening per minute in the complex web of data:

  • Netflix- 69,440 hours of video streamed
  • Giphy- 694,444 GIFs served
  • Venmo-$51,892 peer-to-peer transactions processed
  • Skype-154,200 calls made
  • Uber- 45,787.54 trips taken

As disruptive technology continues to break into new industries, the data swirling around the world will continue to surpass records and grow by mountainous leaps. If businesses want to continue to compete and thrive, it will be critical to have a good handle on their approach to data management and analysis.

It’s about preparation, fluidity, and responsiveness. Let the numbers be your friend, and you can develop and grow your business alongside that spectacular data mountain.

Data source: Socialmediatoday / Domo.
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