Want to Be A Millionaire? Then It's Time to Adopt These 6 Habits [Video]

The habits of successful people may extend well beyond the obvious financial moves.

1. Read To Learn
The rich do not read for entertainment, but to acquire or maintain knowledge. Read books about self development, history or biographies of other successful people.

80% of the rich devote 30 minutes or more, each day, to self-education or self-improvement reading

2. Workout To Improve Performance And Productivity
Do anything active, from yoga to rock climbing, running to weightlifting. You can achieve twice as much in a day, by keeping fit. An unhealthy trader has less energy and a slower thought process.

76% of the rich aerobically exercise for 30 minutes or more, everyday.

3. Don’t Like Your Job. Love Your Job
When you truly love what you do, the money is secondary and earning it becomes more effortless. Focus on developing a deep love of trading and investing.

86% of the rich who liked what they do for a living accumulated an average of  $3.4 million in 32 years

4. Never Quit. Persist
Those who persist, eventually get “lucky.” Stick with the process, through the ups and downs and reach a level of comfort with risk.

92% of rich say good luck had nothing at all to do with their wealth. They just never gave up.

5. Surround Yourself With Millionaires
Join professional groups and attend networking events, to insert yourself into the circles that you’d like to associate with. Rich relationships can help improve your financial life.

86% of wealthy, successful people associate with other success-minded people

6. Practice Until Its Perfect
As you learn more about trading and put what you learn into practice, your skills will improve and the money will come.

79% of the rich read educational, career-related material.
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