The Early Entrepreneurial Spirit of Famous Business People [Infographic]

Even from an early age, you can tell that many of today’s famous business leaders were destined for greatness. In their youth, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffettand, Richard Branson showed their savviness by starting small businesses or brainstorming million-dollar ideas.

And that entrepreneurial spirit only increased with age. Growing up, billionaire investor Buffett was hard at work, delivering newspapers and selling items such as gum, golf balls and garbage bags. With the money he made, Buffett launched a business where he invested in pinball machines, which he installed in local barber shops.

In college, tech entrepreneur Michael Dell built computers that he would sell to other students for a lower price than local retailers. Bezos launched a summer camp. Estee Lauder concocted beauty products in her uncle’s lab.

To learn more about these leaders early entrepreneurial efforts, check out Colonial Life’s infographic below.

The Early Entrepreneurial Spirit of Famous Business People [Infographic]

H/T: entrepreneur
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