The Digital World – Just How Connected Are We In 2017? - #infographic

Since 2016 the world population has grown by 1.1%, of the 7.47 billion people on Earth, 50% are active internet users and somewhat surprisingly only 46% are active mobile users. Desktops and laptops are still the most prevalent method of connecting to the internet, by 2018 mobile devices will likely be the most common method of connecting to the internet.

English is still the most common language across the world, but closely followed by Chinese. However, when China is compared to most English-speaking countries, China only has a 53% internet penetration across the population. With a population of roughly 1.379 billion, 730 million of that population are still not considered active internet users and we could see the Chinese language growing to be one of the most common languages on Earth.

Over the last year we’ve seen a considerable increase in the number of active internet users from Africa with a 16% increase and South Asia with a 24%, which could indicate a sign of success in bringing the internet to developing countries.

Interestingly the length of time UK and US citizens spend on the internet is dwarfed by the Philippines, which spends an average of 5.23 hours per day on desktop devices and Thailand who spends an average of 4.14 hours per day on mobile devices.
The Digital World – Just How Connected Are We In 2017? - #infographic

Infographic courtesy of: 1staerials.
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