Can Cloud ERP Improve Fleet Management?

Fleet management is an art form. The slightest operational difference can make a business run like clockwork, or lag behind like a truck with three wheels. In some scenarios, the problems are obvious—but other times, these are so subtle they can go completely unnoticed.

The bottom line is this: If your business utilizes a vehicle fleet, you want to streamline it as much as possible. Increasing the efficiency of your fleet management means your business will have more capital to realize actual growth. One of the best ways to improve fleet management is through cloud ERP software.

Cloud ERP Can Lower Operating Costs

There are many necessary business expenses. Spending money is almost always an inherent quality of making it. If you don’t have to spend money on something, however, you shouldn’t. Cloud ERP software can alleviate your business of many burdensome expenses.

For example, you can outsource a good amount of technology services and costs to the ERP software provider. You will still likely need several employees specifically dedicated to running your ERP system, but not as many as with a whole tech department.

Cloud enterprise resource planning can do some remarkable things for your fleet management. Since cloud ERP software is designed to streamline all aspects of your fleet through data and logistical planning, your business will likely also save money due to there being less waste. Here are a few examples:

  • Monitor fuel usage in each fleet vehicle. This can allow managers to offer guidance to drivers as to how they can improve fuel economy.
  • Track how long drivers are spending on their breaks. While this can seem like a creepy tactic, it can help clarify any discrepancies between what your employees say they’re doing and reality.
  • Decrease time, effort and cost of sharing data across departments.
  • Services are often scalable—meaning you will only pay for the services and data that your business actually uses.

Keep Your Data Secure

Unfortunately, one of the most crucial parts of running a successful business is making sure your company’s secrets don’t become public knowledge. Critical information and data needs to be stored and shared with safety as a top priority. Cloud ERP software makes this a much simpler process.

By implementing a cloud ERP system, you can easily determine who gets permission to access various data sets. Not only does this save large amounts of time that would otherwise be spent by managers trying to parse out information on a case-by-case basis, the cloud network itself is typically more secure than an in-house server. Additionally, when your user access protocol is all in the same place, holes become more obvious. The ability to quickly identify and remedy security issues is one of the huge advantages of switching to a cloud ERP.

Access or Retrieve Your Data Anywhere

Another benefit of using cloud ERP software is that you don’t have to be in the office to access the system. As long as you have an Internet connection on your computer or smart device, you will be able to use all features of the ERP. This is because data is stored on the cloud, not locally. These are a few ways your fleet management can benefit from this:

  • Employees can access important information no matter their location.
  • If you lose data locally for any reason, all of it is backed up on the cloud.
  • Working remotely becomes much simpler, as the only requirement for employees to access key tools is an Internet connection.
The fleet management world is one of many moving parts. Doing one thing can back up other processes in unexpected ways. Due to this, it can be difficult for business owners to know what will be best for their bottom line. By moving to a cloud ERP, however, many of these traditional roadblocks in fleet management become a thing of the past.
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