The Real Value of Emotional Intelligence [Infographic]

The Real Value of Emotional Intelligence [Infographic]
When you were a kid in school your parents and teachers probably told you to get good grades and you would do well in life. Good grades are great, but it turns out they may not be enough to get you ahead in life. What has turned out to be even more important than your GPA and your IQ? Emotional intelligence.

Some studies show that the top 90% of job performers are individuals who have a high emotional quotient, or EQ, which is the measure of emotional intelligence. Those same studies show that the bottom 80% of job performers have a low EQ. In fact, a high IQ can mean an average of $29,000 more per year in earnings - or $1300 more per additional EQ point above average.

Human resources, government, and pharmaceutical employees tend to have the highest EQs, while many folks in the healthcare, IT, and sales fields report their colleagues might do better with a little more emotional intelligence. In fact, communication failure is the cause of 70% of hospital mishaps!

The good news is that, unlike IQ, you can continue to develop your emotional intelligence throughout your life. Practicing empathy, self-regulation, motivation, self-awareness, and social skills can help you achieve your career goals faster than anything else. Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, and Matt Damon may already have their career success to attribute to their higher than average emotional intelligence. What are you doing to develop yours? Learn more about emotional intelligence from this infographic from Aumann Bender & Associates!

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