How To Increase Online Engagement

Social media can be so difficult to navigate as a business-owner. You know that it’s ineffective to spam your followers with blatant advertising, but how else can you market your business and product? Posting semi-regularly about your business isn’t enough to maintain the interest of your followers. The best way to gain popularity and increase visibility on social media platforms is by engaging your followers. Read on to learn how to manage your social media to increase online engagement from potential consumers.


The best way to figure out what works best for engaging your followers is to try a little bit of everything. Use Facebook Insights to track engagement with your posts and see what’s been the most successful. Try everything that the platform you’re using allows and optimizes. If you’re posting on Instagram, your media needs to be primarily visual and work well without any words. To change things up on a platform that seems one-dimensional, try creating “boomerangs” or “collages” using Instagram’s features. Benefit Cosmetics has taken advantage of Instagram’s abilities; they often use boomerangs to show a product’s packaging as well as what it looks like inside.

On Facebook, your content is not as limited. You can link to outside sources, write your own articles, share pictures, videos, polls, and more. This makes Facebook a really great platform for testing what your audience likes and engages with most. Using Facebook Insight, you can measure what performs best and translate similar content to your other platforms. If people enjoy engaging with articles and outside sources, continue to share those on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ask Questions

You might find that your engagement increases when you’re asking questions or you post a poll. That’s because you’re seeking out the input of your potential consumers and people are generally passionate about sharing their opinions! Remember, your questions aren’t limited to product feedback. You can ask about people’s weekend plans, current events, or industry trends. When your readers respond to the questions you’re asking, engage with them further! Reply to their responses, “like” their comments, and reward them for engaging with you. Because your readers will feel like their opinions are valued, they’re more likely to engage with you again. Their comments and responses will also appear on the pages of their “friends” or connections, increasing your visibility. Asking questions also gives you insight to your demographic that other analytical tools can’t. What better way could there be to learn about your potential consumers than by just asking them?

Hold Contests

For some, it’s just not worth it to engage with businesses online. After all, what do they have to gain? Creating contests which your followers can compete in and win something from gives them incentive. Again, their participation will increase your visibility. If you offer a discount or free product as a prize, your followers might convert into customers. They’re also likely to be appreciative of your good will.

Toy company Prismpal used this tactic by giving away one of their toys free. Using Instagram, they made the conditions of the contest to simply follow the page, like the post, and tag a friend. Doing this increases their followers, their engagement, and their visibility. It’s also low effort for their followers which means they are more likely to participate.

Use Interesting Visuals

Research has shown that visual content like images and videos are the most engaging kinds of posts. They are more likely to be shared or retweeted than any other kind of post! On the other hand, it’s not useful to simply post whatever images come to mind. Make sure to post pictures and videos that are relevant to your brand and its message. Skittles does an excellent job of using interesting visuals on their Facebook Page. Not only are they on brand with their visuals (which are fun and silly), but they create images relevant to current popular culture. This shows that Skittles are relevant but it also makes the brand seem personable, like a friend you can talk to about the most recent movies. Of course, the more personable a brand seems, the more engaged followers will be with their social media.

When trying to increase your online engagement, put yourself in the mind of your demographic. What could a business do to make you want to engage with their posts? What would make it worthwhile for you? Follow these tips and you’ll find your online engagement has improved in no time.

This is a guest post from Alannah Alves, content marketing coordinator at Logojoy. Logojoy is a logo-design tool which uses artificial intelligence to create stunning, custom logos in under 10 minutes.

Source: Logojoy.
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