How to Create an Awesome About Page [infographic]

In 1993, at the very dawn of the World Wide Web, Peter Steiner, an illustrator at The New Yorker, created an iconic cartoon. It featured two dogs in front of a computer. One of them said to the other, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” It was an instant smash, pinned on office walls all over the world. It referenced the anonymity of the internet in a very amusing way.

But those were simple days when the internet was mostly just newsgroups and email. Today, anonymity can be a big problem — especially for businesses and others who want to instill trust and credibility in their readers. How do customers know they can trust a particular online business? How do readers know they can trust a writer’s opinions on subjects ranging from politics to religion to Lady Gaga’s newest outfit? Put simply: how can people know that your website isn’t run by a couple of dogs?

In the following infographic, we provide an easy to follow guide that will take you from having no About page to having one that you can be proud of — one that will instill confidence in your visitors. Get started now!

Infographic Source: whoishostingthis
How to Create an Awesome About Page [infographic]

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