The Best Ways to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

The Best Ways to Market Your Business on LinkedIn
With approximately 500 million users, more than 44% of whom earn at least $75,000, is it any wonder that LinkedIn has become a prime platform for marketing your business? The world’s largest professional network is designed for social selling, as 50% of B2B buyers use it when making purchasing decisions. As a business owner, you can develop a strong professional brand and also get a leg up on the competition by connecting and engaging with potential customers and nurturing relationships with them.

Here are some tips for utilizing LinkedIn to help grow your business.
The Best Ways to Market Your Business on LinkedIn - infographic
Source: Salesforce.

Show Off Your Business by Telling Your Story

Your business has a unique story, so set your profile or brand page apart by engaging your audience through the use of video, images, infographics, and data. By doing so, you’ll increase the likelihood that prospects turn into customers.

Utilize Targeted Content to Grow Your Reach

Most people connect with you on LinkedIn because they are in the same industry and have similar interests. If you generate killer content that your connections are interested in, there’s a better chance they will engage with you and ultimately want to share your ideas with others. Once they do, your reach is extended even further, and you can potentially connect with additional users and prospects outside your network.

Pulse on Linkedin showcases professionals through their blog posts. Best of all, it needn’t be original content. If you posted something on your blog, drive traffic to it by reposting it on Pulse, but let people know where it appeared originally.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition

In addition to the 50% of B2B buyers who use LinkedIn when they make purchasing decisions, more than 90% of B2B marketers utilize the platform to share and distribute content. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for keeping track of trends and pinpointing marketing opportunities because you can keep tabs on your competitors’ strategies, including how they’re utilizing content, how they are connecting with their (and your) audience, and how they are engaging with your target customer.

Help Make Your Business More Visible

If you set up your company page via LinkedIn, it will be indexed by Google, which can help with visibility. You should make your profile as complete as possible and post regularly (while including a link to your landing pages) to not only increase your search visibility but also attract visitors and referral traffic. Your page administrator can then track traffic, follower demographics, engagement level of your posts, and activity and engagement on your landing page.

Engage With Groups

Engaging with like-minded groups in your industry is another way to generate new connections. You can also create your own group, which can help improve your visibility and serve as a platform to show that you are an authority in your industry. By illustrating that you are a thought leader who can answer questions, generate discussions, and use content marketing, you can separate yourself from those who just want to promote their business.

Generate More Leads

LinkedIn is a great platform for utilizing customer reviews and endorsements to promote your brand. Ask your customers and vendors to provide testimonials. This will help you generate more leads, but prove you're a source for quality products and services to your potential customers. And don’t forget to pay it forward by offering to write testimonials for those connections who are providing excellent products and services.

Finally, encourage your employees to add your company name to their profile. Some people think LinkedIn is only for those looking for a job but so they don’t fill it out until they’re ready to leave. But in today’s world, it has become a thought-leader platform and a cyber networking hotspot. You may not always be able to make it to a business or industry function, but with LinkedIn, you can grow your connections and your business on your schedule.
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