What Consumers Want from E-Commerce Websites [Infographic]

5 Elements Consumers Want from E-Commerce Websites - infographic

Shoes, cars, baby food, bicycles…are just a few things we buy online.

Regardless of the product or shopper, the experience is just as vital to having a profitable e-commerce website and business. So what are consumers really looking for from e-commerce experience?

After analyzing through a mine of recent surveys, user behavior metrics and research data, there are countless things that matter for an e-commerce experience, it’s nearly impossible for a website to be effective without executing well on five (5) primary core areas.

The “5 Elements Consumers Want from E-Commerce Websites” are listed below. But, for the complete context and application insights, check out the accompanied infographic, which comes courtesy of Mdgadvertising.

1. An Easy-to-Use Experience That Loads Quickly
2. Accurate, In-Depth Information About Products/Services
3. Big, Clear Images That Include Small Details
4. A Diversity of Reliable Reviews and Ratings
5. Fast and Dynamic On-Site Search

Knowing that success begins with usability, speed, in-depth product/services information, high-quality images, accurate reviews/ratings, and a great search experience — you can prioritize your time, energy and budget when enhancing a brand’s e-commerce website.

5 Essential Elements for e-Commerce Websites - infographic

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