10 Tips to make your social media visuals stand out

10 Tips to make your social media visuals stand outThe social media networks are going visual with the increased number of mobile phone users. The easy access to smartphones and mobile devices has allowed more and more people to sign up to their favorite social networks and start exploring things of their interests.

This growing social population has compelled companies to engage users through innovative posts. Initially, long narrated posts were shared on Facebook which was soon replaced with the short and spicy tweets on twitter. And, with the passage of time, we have experienced that the internet users are more inclined to visual content rather than reading through the text.

There are numerous companies and brands that are struggling for getting leads from the social media, but you can stand out with the help of well designed and crafted visuals. Put your struggle in delivering quality over quantity, and the users will start recognizing you as an authentic and valuable resource to know about their interests. Following are some of the expert tips that can help you to craft and spread visuals across the prominent social channels to have a fair market share.

Infographic: A Guide To Visual Content On Social Media
Infographic source: Designmantic.

1. Create appealing visual content

Pursue high-quality visuals that are appealing and attractive to your audience. If you intend to use photographs, make sure to capture with a quality lens. It is a common practice that most of the small businesses copy any image from the free stock and publish it regardless of its association with the nature of their products or services.

To make your posts stand out from the crowd, you need to design visuals by professionals. Producing high definition visual content is not only important to the social reach of your business, but mandatory for the web presence as well. Professional designers are capable of creating web responsive visuals so that a user can easily grasp the content regardless of the device he uses.

2. Mold the visuals for different social sites

The social network has a set of norms, rules, and regulations, which needs to be followed. For example, Facebook is meant for casual interaction with family and friends, whereas LinkedIn is rather sophisticated and limited to the working community. So, if you are creating visuals, you will need to mold its tone and style according to the fan following on different platforms.

3. Test the content on different networks

It often happens that an infographic performs better on Pinterest and Facebook, but fails to engage users on Twitter and other platforms. This problem coincides with the previous one that is about molding the content according to the users' inclination. At the beginning of your business, you may want to test the visual content on different networks to evaluate what type of posts and updates are getting more engagement.

4. Evaluate your audience requirements

The eCommerce websites tend to share their latest arrivals on different social media platforms. They often struggle for a higher reach or engagement, because they don’t know where to they lack in visuals. It can be the absence of quality product imagery, statistics about the product usage, or videos of customer testimonials. You can stand out on various platforms by evaluating what your followers want to view and watch.

5. Offer something new

Social media is no more a pass time. People are genuinely looking for reliable companies for the products and services they need in routine. Now, imagine, if a product similar in price and quality is available around the corner, why a user will opt to know about the same on your social profile. Certainly, they follow you to have something new. It could be a video as how a product works, an overview of the key features, or the benefits of a service in an easy-to-scan form. Do your research and curate content that is worthy to be read.

6. Represent your business values

The visual content has the power of creating a context about your overall brand. You can unleash it by creating images that represent the core values of your business or brand. For example, a kid's garment shop tends to produce colorful posts that convey the nature of your business at a glance and give the parents a reason to get engaged and select something for their kids. This can help you get recognized in your social circles and help you establish a brand.

7. Focus data visualization and presentation

In written content, a lot of data goes unnoticed, that’s why visuals are produced to bring them all into the limelight. Compose the data and present them in a hierarchy so that your followers can easily read it all at once. Infographic is one of the most powerful forms of depicting the flow of a process or visualizing data with the help of icons, symbols, and signs. It improves the readability and outreach of the statistics that are highly important for your targeted community to know.

8. Leverage the power of Instagram

Instagram has become a complete visual based platform for interacting with younger demographic. The key to success in increasing your followers and getting leads from Instagram is to post frequently with a series of relevant hashtags. The types of engaging posts can be high definition product images, company events, lifestyle, the workers busy in dispatching an order, or the images of products submitted by customers.

9. Accompany a tweet with your image

Every image deserves an appealing phrase or sentence. Try hard in bringing out your creativity by summing up your long Facebook post into a tweet and accompany it with your image. Sharing just an image on Twitter will not work because twitter is not majorly a visual-based platform. You can easily craft 140 characters for the image as it will allow the users to like and retweet without any ambiguity.

10. Add a pin it button

Pinterest is a hub of showcasing art, handmade craft, exceptional photography, and useful quotations. And, surprisingly, more than 80% of Pinterest users are female, which gives you an enormous amount of audience of a single gender. If you are dealing in women’s clothing, jewelry, or fashion products, or anything that belongs to women interests, it is the time to reach them out. Add a pin it button to your web pages and let the visual spread across the boards.

Final thoughts

Leading a social media campaign requires the marketers to come up with ideas that are not tried before. The users are chasing different ways to know about a product or service, and you can bridge the gap by creating visual content that appeals them the most. With the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can improve quality and persuasiveness of your visuals to stand out on your desired social media networks.

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