10 Creative Ideas To Promote Your Content Using Social Media

10 Creative Ideas To Promote Your Content Using Social Media

Social media platforms for content marketing

Many of you reading this article must be aware of the huge potential of the social media platforms to reach a huge no. of targeted audiences. Among many ways of getting organic traffic, social media is one of the best ways to get some quality organic traffic. Furthermore, it’s also one of the cheapest ways to get exposure.

Many popular social media platforms are out there like the SnapChat, the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more. They have their own specialty, and all of them have millions of active users. The Facebook is the most popular out of them all with the statistic showing over 1.9 Billion monthly active users, and it’s still growing.

However, only posting something on the social media platforms is not enough to make your post viral. There are millions of posts revolved around various social media platforms. What does it take to make your post viral? We will discuss this question in the next part of this article.

10 creative ideas to effectively promote your content on the social media

You may have tried out many ways to promote your content on the social media, but I can assure you that these 10 creative ideas will open up your mind in many ways.

5 Most Shareable Social Media Content Types [INFOGRAPHIC]
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People are curious to know about new and interesting things. Your post can provide tips, breaking news, research, opinion, and other useful stuff for your readers. This can be done via an interview with experts, podcast, case studies, articles, and more. Providing value on your channel will lure the visitors to subscribe to your page. If your content is really unique and insightful, you can also launch an influencer marketing campaign to significantly increase your reach.

Use visuals

You may have seen people using more and more images on their post. It’s because the study has proven that the Facebook images get 53% more likes than ordinary posts. This will also increase your EdgeRank on the Facebook. We are also seeing new hot social media platforms based entirely upon images like the Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Use special visuals under the pointer; use a featured branded image to share your post to get more engagement on your post. A visual can be anything from a fan photo to infographics.

Lists and polls

Creating lists and polls are another great way to creatively promote your content on the social media. A list can be anything like the top 10 places, a list of pets, and so on. It creates curiosity among the users. A poll can be used to increase an engagement. You can create a poll asking a question like “Which is your favorite action movie?” and so on.

Ask a question or post quotes and statistics

A provoking quote from some famous personalities can attract many people to your post. You may also ask questions, which may be a suggestion for a movie, a quick reply on how the people feel about something or more. This helps in increasing an engagement. Another great way of making people curious enough to act is by posting graphs, statistics, or figures on a specific issue. Many social media influencers are doing this to get a good engagement on their posts.

Ask your audiences to make a prediction

Most of the people want to make a prediction despite having a less knowledge. You can ask people to make a prediction on anything related to your brand. It can be anything like asking people to predict the result of an election, a football match, or any other stuff.

Share snippets

A snippet can be anything from a brief extract to a tiny piece of information. You can generate 20 unique snippets from a single piece of content. Snippets can be generated with a quote, short statement, statistics, and more taken out from a source. Choose some of the interesting parts of your content to create snippets that can be shared on your page.

Prepare a presentation and publish it on the Slide Share

Millions of unique visitors come across the Slide Share every month. Convert your interesting contents from your website into a presentation to publish it on the Slide Share. You also have an option of creating a video presentation. Make sure you optimize the title and description of your presentation. The content on the Slide Share generally ranks higher on the search engine, and publishing your content on the Slide Share increases your exposure among thousands of people in your target market.

Play with themes

You can create recurring themes weekly or daily to make it easier for you to come up with contents for your social media channels. Your audiences will expect something each day and they are more likely to check out for some interesting posts. The combination of themes could be like Wednesday Wisdom, Motivation Monday, TGIF Friday, and so on. Make use of hashtags to further increase your reach.

According to the study, a smart use of hashtags can dramatically increase your reach.

Work with “Captions” and “Fill in the Blanks”

A random photo contest where you award the fans who posts the best photo on a specific topic, asking your fans to give the best caption for an interesting image or asking your fans to fill in the blanks can help in increasing the engagement. Do it every now and then to engage your audience.

What’s going on behind the scenes?

You must never ignore what’s going on behind the scenes. Posting the images behind the scenes, whether it is your employees, kitchen, or the boardroom can make your brand look real. You can post the image of your hard working employees, post client’s testimony, and so much more to promote on your social media accounts. People love to know the things behind the scenes.


 10 Types of Social Media Posts That Generate Engagement With Followers [Infographic]
Source: Red-website-design.

Implementing the ideas mentioned in this article will help in making your post stand out among the rest, making it viral. A viral post means more visitors, which means a higher chance to get higher leads. If you continue posting creative and relevant stuff on your channel, more and more people will subscribe to your channel, which means you will be able to get unique visitors more easily in the future...

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