Creating the Best Visual Content for Marketing and Overcoming the Challenges

Creating the Best Visual Content for Marketing and Overcoming the Challenges

The digital market is evolving with time. If you’ve been there in the digital market for years, you must have come across a whole lot of new trends and developments. And this doesn’t necessarily have to take years. The digital changes are so rapid that they take just a few days or weeks to turn the whole game upside down.

Something similar is in the making. Now, what is it, you ask?

The Growth of Visual Content

Being a digital marketer, you must be well aware of the concept of visual communication. The buzz has been in the air for quite a long time now and gradually smart marketers are turning their faces toward the visual content.

Consider the famous social networking platforms. Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. are already about the visual content and on the same lines, the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are also striving to turn their feeds into a visual stream.

The recent example of visual content getting hyped in the digital market is the latest WhatsApp upgrade. The app is apparently the most used messaging app, globally. With the new version of the app, WhatsApp comes with an image status update, taking over the good-old text status update.

The feature being similar to SnapChat stories has not been widely liked and appreciated by the users, but then, it’s still there!

The point here is that the visual content is slowly eating up the written content and soon enough, things might be all images and videos on the internet. If you’re interested in future-proofing your marketing success, it’d be great if you start working on your visual content, today!

Here is a list of different types of visual content that you can create for your next digital marketing campaign:

1. Infographics

We’re not putting the Images or Video on the first number because Infographics are the new and hottest thing! For your digital marketing campaigns, you usually involve content writers, they write for your website and blog, and you wait for things to work.

But infographics are there to change the game.

With an impressive and interactive infographic, you can squeeze a 1000-word-long written blog into just one image! There are graphs and charts, impressive fonts, vibrant backgrounds, image adding options, etc. to make things work the best for you.

So, as most of your audience is always running on the clock, they don’t have to read that long blog. They can learn the same thing through your infographic in a more creative and interactive manner, instead.

Creating infographics is not rocket-science either. There are a number of online platforms available where you can create engaging infographics for free!

However, if you’re looking to give a more personal touch to your infographics, hiring a skilled graphic designer can be a best idea.

2. Images and Videos

A no-brainer! The internet, especially the social media, is revolving around images and videos. And the best part about these is that they can easily be inserted in your written content!

So, if your content writers have already created bundles of written content, you can just share it with images and videos. Not only the social media but the images and videos can easily be shared on your websites or blogs with shareable buttons.

You can go visual along with keeping your written content intact through both these types of visual content.

For the creation of these images and videos again, you can hire experts. Image editing has gotten a lot easier with the growing number of image-editing platforms available on the internet. If you’re endorsing products through images and videos, you can hire professional movie makers and photographers. For digital video creation, you can hire motion graphic experts, animators, etc.

2. GIFs and Memes

Now, who doesn’t like a little humor? Even if you’re working in a technical industry, your audience is still human, right? So, a little humor will never kill anyone.

With humor coming into the picture of digital marketing, the GIFs and Memes snap into action.

Using GIFs in place of images along with your blog posts can perk up the interactivity of your content piece. Also, adding a meme post at the end of your content can also lighten the vibe going on at your website or blog.

And when it comes to social media, the GIFs and Memes are a great win! The users of social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. love it when things are said through memes or GIFs. These also have a great sharing rate and so, your digital marketing campaign can get a huge boost through these!

Memes and GIFs can also be easily created using the free online tools.

So, why not give all these types of visual content a try? You will surely see a great change in the result of your marketing campaign. And you’ll surely be taking a step forward towards future-proofing your digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Challenges

Besides all the honest efforts, sometimes your content fails to bring you the desired results, be it in terms of readability of your blog, lead generation, or educating your prospects about your products.

In the beginning as you start using the visual content, or if you already have started with it, things might not kick in just right! Thus, there can always be ups and downs in your digital marketing campaigns.

So, who is to blame? Would you simply fire your graphic designer or content writer and creator, and hire a new one? Would that solve the problem?

Well, it won’t! This is because, your designing professionals or professional website copywriters can only create content, they cannot cast a spell on it for the magic to happen!

For better results, you must focus on the overall content marketing strategy that you’re working with.

There are two huge chunks in which content marketing is divided – content creation and content distribution! Even if you hire the best content writer or the best graphic designer or illustrator, only the former part of the marketing strategy is achieved. For the latter one, a whole team of experts needs to work hard.

Besides this, the path of content marketing is not a smooth one. It is filled with a number of challenges.

Here’s is how you can overcome the most common content marketing challenges:

1. Finding The Right Professionals

How do you define the right professional when it comes to content creation?

Even if you hire the best content writer or graphic designer, you might be stuck with the wrong professionals who do not work as per your desires.

Some might lag behind in terms of quantity and others in terms of quality. Besides, finding a parity between these is close to impossible.

To get rid of this problem, take time in finding the right content professionals for your business. Let them adapt to your business environment and focus on the quality of content rather than the quantity.

It must be noted that the improvement of the quality and quantity of content by the professionals takes time. So, you need to be patient with your resources.

High-quality content will help you win more conversions and so, you must invest in high-quality professionals. If your organization doesn’t have a room for a separate content team, you can always seek the professional website copywriting services or graphic designing services.

2. Increasing The Quantity Of Content

The digital marketing requires heaps of content pieces to be posted at a number of different media. Now, burdening the content experts for all the content requirements is already off our list.

So what are your other options? Hiring the experts delivering graphic designing, content writing or SEO web copywriting services can be another idea.

However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to outsource the content services, you can follow another efficient measure.

Allow a content culture to prevail in your business organization.

What is it now, you ask?

A content culture is an organizational culture where all the teams of employees working in different departments in an organization contribute towards content creation.

Consider it in this way: You have a number of different departments in your business, say web development, quality assurance, social media management, etc. The people working in these departments are obviously the experts in their work.

If all of the departments contribute content pieces related to their work, the content will be unique, technically correct, and specialized. This way, you can cut down the research work to be done by your professional writer and you can also get a variety of content, endorsing different services that you offer!

Of course, the quality of content would not be that good, but it can always be edited if you consider hiring the best editor.

3. Promoting The Content In Right Directions

Every digital marketer is involved in the promotion of content either through social media or advertising. But do you think your content is reaching the right audience?

If you’re unable to generate leads or conversions it shows that your content lacks the right amplification. For this, you need the help of experts.

The professionals like social media adverting experts, digital marketing experts, PPC experts, Google AdWords Experts, etc. know their game when it comes to promoting the content in right direction.

They study and know your target audience closely and thus, target your content to hit the bull’s eye. With such professionals, you can plan out a foolproof content marketing campaign.

They dig deep into the technicalities of content marketing and plan out the strategies before launching a content marketing campaign. Thus, the work done by them is professionally done, as they’re well-read about the latest marketing trends and the demands of your customers.

Bonus infographic:

Source: Idg.

With these tips, you can get rid of the 3 major content marketing challenges that can be huge obstacles in the execution of your marketing campaigns. Make sure you know your customers well before you frame out your content marketing strategies as even a little bit of witlessness might bring you a great loss.

With a little awareness about the market and investment in the right resources, you can surely hit it big with your foolproof content marketing plan!

About Author:
Vin Boris is a Social Media Marketer & Content Writer at SoftProdigy, a web design and development company. SoftProdigy has been outshining in the IT industry for more than 10 years. The experts at SoftProdigy have worked for numerous clients including both small and high-end brands.
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