Chatbot: When A Man's Assistant Is Not Made Of Plastic

Chatbot: When A Man's Assistant Is Not Made Of Plastic

Want to know if your child’s flight is on time, ask a bot
You want to order a pizza, ask a bot
You want to book a parking lot, ask a bot
You want to check a price of a product on Amazon, ask a bot
You want to set a reminder, ask a BOT

There is big news in the Internet of People, and it is not made of people. To be honest there was a great need for a killer cross and contradictory application can create coalitions and factions, and the Chatbot seem to be made to burst the debate.

But What Are These Chat Bot?

Put together with artificial intelligence, data analysis, business intelligence, messaging systems in a responsive platform use and widely adopted, Shake vigorously and have the 2017 bomb.

Or simply open your messenger and start chatting, just like you do every day.

Some may ask why only now; since it is existing technology and development framework? The answer is that it is now the audience and - perhaps for the first time in the history of technology - the audience has already adopted to the technology and does not require any learning.

Audience and learning are two key aspects; the first took shape when Facebook has integrated Chatbot in His Messenger (over a billion users around the world) and the second is the fact that everyone, absolutely everyone knows to use a messaging system, more and better than social networks. The data below proves it.

The monthly users of the four major app messaging have indeed exceeded the monthly four main users of social networks.

The conversational interfaces, fruitfully through our preferred messaging app (Telegram, Messenger, KIK, Slack, WeChat, Line, Skype) allow the final user to get the answer to its requirement, redesigning the route to reach it.

We could say that they are working on itinerary, guiding it through the recognition of their needs and creating a simplified path for them.

Stop Browsing Start Asking

All these requirements can be resolved through consultation of a website or the use of an APP can now be fulfilled by interacting with our preferred messaging system, often through the use of natural language, with an evident saving of resources.

And if the saving of resources is clear from the user's perspective, imagine what can be considerable advantage hand holding.

Potentially large audience can be reached through the use of interface already developed and penetrated with a learning curve equal to zero. Bingo!

That's right in the moment when the digital gold rush seemed stalled, the circus of the "New Economy" has a great start. According to Verizon Ventures, an investment fund Chatbot very active in the market, they represent a revolutionary way by which people access information, make decisions and use services.

And the world of services and virtual assistance seems natural user of these platforms; as there is evidence shown by the many examples in the network.

But they can create a relationship that must exist, or be triggered, as well as there must be a communication pattern. What can make these technologies simplify it, make it become "routine" in a context of user experience that minimizes the conversational gap.

But the risk is great because as we all know, l to routinely kill the relationship.

The challenge is open, who is ready to accept it?

Bonus infographic:

Source: Drift.

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