Why You are Not Getting Traction on Social Media? 12 Reasons to Consider

Why You are Not Getting Traction on Social Media? 12 Reasons to Consider

What is the most daunting challenge for any business today? It is the challenge of being discovered and being talked about. Until people talk about you and pay you enough attention they are not going to buy your products or services. So, the first challenge is about making your presence felt.

When it comes to getting noticed, becoming the subject of buzz and drawing attention, can there be a better avenue today other than social media? Anybody would nod in agreement concerning the potential of social platforms for creating traction for s business. But while it is free and open for everybody many businesses are not getting enough traction. Have you enquired about the reasons? What can be the possible factors that are pulling your social presence from creating enough traction? Let us help you with the reasons and insights concerning this.

1. Wrong expectation and lack of understanding

Practically anyone can make a social presence. But that is why making an effective business presence is often harder. Before you expect too much from social platforms or just remain placid about what it can do for your business let us tell the exact truth. Social media is not a sales platform and hardly it can help you achieve sales directly. On the other hand, it can really be worked upon to create your brand, reputation, awareness, the buzz around your offerings, etc. You can only work to strengthen the brand value and spread awareness about your business here. This, in turn, can obviously result in better sales and business output.

2. Not posting frequently

Many businesses still now just do social media activities as something statutory or something similar to checking off boxes while filling a form. They ignore the importance of attending the audience and the audience also ignores them. It does not take one to be an expert to say that it is the frequent posting that brings attention to your business. Now, what should be the frequency of posting to gain better traction? Well, there is no such golden rule about that. But of course, more you post and more often you are seen active better traction you can get.

3. Untimely posting

Again, social posting is not a statutory routine exercise but should be taken as a conscious effort to draw the attention of the audience. So, your posting schedule should correspond to the time and the particular platforms your fans and target audience is most active. If most of your regular followers just become active on Facebook after lunch, you should post there after lunch only. In the same breath, if your audience in Twitter is mostly active during midnight you should post there just before that time. To get noticed by most you need to adhere to their schedule. To make things easier for you there are great social media scheduled posting tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.

4. You did not let your customers know about your social presence

While every business today is going all out for digital presence, their old and loyal customers who are visiting their stores for years can once again be banked upon. Yes, you should make your customers know that you are on the web and you are accessible on social platforms. This is one of the surest ways to create a buzz and follower base through your offline users who already have a good impression about your business.

5. Your posts lack a distinctly personal voice

Social media represents a collection of individuals with their distinct shades of personality, preferences, opinion and aura. Naturally, they always like a voice that speaks to them in a humane manner rather than as an automated business machine. So, if your posts lack any distinct voice and charms of personality, people just can ignore your contents as promotional or as entirely business-driven. They want to listen about your business in a humane manner and your post should incorporate that tone.

6. Not doing enough to make your brand image grow

You can refer to your business brand with logo, the brand color, caption, etc. But for the audience at large, a brand image is established only through the satisfaction you offer through your offerings. On social platforms instead of just pushing your products like a diehard retailer, embrace other ways to get respects from people and get closer to them. Publish expert contents on your business niche, indulge in discussions about your niche, help people solve problems through your advice and share important information. All these uplift your brand image over time and make more people engaged.

7. Looking like spam

Don’t we consider spam as trash and don't we just avoid them everywhere? Yes, spams or promotional business contents with little value for the users went through a tough time in recent years as most web services banished them to almost obscurity.

These days even something with a spam like a countenance is readily avoided. So, your social posts must not look like spam, otherwise, you risk being trashed as so many marketers faced such a fate. Your post should not sound like a sales pitch. Too many posts within small time span will grab more space in the timeline and this can annoy other users. Do not publish the same post again and again. Lastly, always use high quality images for your posts.

8. You lack variety in content strategy

Just go through the entire volume of posts made in your timeline for last one month or so and you will notice the sheer variety of contents across the posts. It is a place of sharing fun, joyful moments, adding value with information and insights, offering beautiful visuals, giving opinions and explanations and sharing expertise. So, it demands a multifaceted approach with a variety of content types.

Does your business post a variety of contents or just sticks to a same old piece of texts and images? You can share relevant infographics, high quality video guide, app screenshots, your business location maps, a little fun with a video taken inside your facility, and so much more. The variety of contents will bring more engagement and traction from the audience.

9. You depended on automation too much

Yes, this is a serious problem with many marketers. They think their entire social posting responsibility can be taken care of by the automation tools. The dependence on automation makes them aloof individually on social platforms. But, just because it is intrinsically social in character, maintaining an individual humanely presence is invaluable. The automation can help in performing day to day task of sharing your blogs easier. But to ensure engagement and repeated traction maintain your individual presence with personal reactions, messages, opinions, jokes, wishes, etc.

10. Reach out to influencers

Every industry niche has certain influencers who easily get hearing from a large number of people, right? So, connecting these people and making them talk about your business has distinct long-term advantages. Influencers can quickly bring a business focus from the larger community and long-term traction. Most online buyers these days get influenced by social media reviews and naturally influential reviewers from your niche can make things roll for your business, literally!

11. Targeting too many platforms

Many of you may feel amazed in thinking that still there are people who make this blunder. But, still, there are people who think a presence on as many platforms as possible may give them a better edge over others. Targeting more than 4 social platforms will only result in less focus on the important ones and resulting lack of engagement. Depending on your audience engagement, focus on maximum 4 social platforms. You cannot skip Facebook simply because it is the largest with most widespread presence from all sections of the society. For targeting professionals and businesses, LinkedIn is the ideal platform while for image sharing and for female audience Pinterest is the best platform.

12. Being ignorant about the niche community

Facebook offers groups for almost every niche. These groups work really great to connect with your niche audience and experts from your industry. By joining these groups you can spread the brand name, connect more audience and add to the credibility of your brand. Communities and groups of your niche can help you find new ways to interact with the audience as well. Once you have created a good number of followers and a solid audience, you can initiate a new group with an express purpose of creating valuable content for your niche.

Bonus infographic:
Grow Your Online Sales With These 8 Social Marketing Strategies [Infographic]
Source: Revampcrm.

To conclude,
We must say that a social media strategy requires time to bear fruit. But until it comes with the result, nothing works but your sustained effort with all the above-mentioned principles in mind. Just because it is free and open for all, it needs more creative focus and consistency. Getting traction from social media is an involving process and you need to stay vigilant and responsive throughout.

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