Social Media Blogs to Follow For Instant Online Stardom

Social Media Blogs to Follow For Instant Online Stardom

Social media has taken the world by storm. It is what has been driving sales (to an extent) and businesses are capitalizing on this medium by employing social media marketing. The content available online can either be a bane or boon for people.

There can be certain takeaways or at times information that can be too overwhelming for you. All in all, it is great to have wealth of resources from where you can derive tips and knowledge managed by people for people mainly written from their experience or the technical prowess (perspective).

So often one wonders, which blogs to settle for? Which ones to follow? You cannot read every blog and then decide which one to follow and which to not follow. It may have been possible in an ideal scenario but not when life happening to you.

With this piece, we hope to bring you some of the finest blogs to read and subscribe to. Here is the list:

Danny Brown

This is not your typical social media blog hosting website. Instead, it delves deeper into what the social media marketing is all about and how it relates to us as human being – basically the grander design of things.

So businesses come and go but human beings are the real drivers behind them so Danny Brown offers all that. His blog has won him Hive Award for Best Social Media Blog at SXSW. One of the most read posts of Danny Brown is Blog Comments, Digital Universes and the Future of Social Conversations. Pretty deep eh?

Social Media Today

Social Media Today is an online community and resource for professionals in marketing, social business, communication, customer experience, content marketing and digital strategy, or any other discipline where a thorough understanding of social media is mission-critical.

Powered by Industry Dive, SMT fosters conversation among social media professionals about the world of social media, online community, social marketing, digital media and more.

Jenn Herman

Another social media expert who runs her blog by the name of Jenn’s Trends which has skyrocketed her into international fame. Her main focus lies in the Instagram domain. She was awarded the Top Social Media Blog accolade in the years 2014 and 2015.

This consistent value she brings to her Instagram and Twitter posts is commendable in the form of caption tips and polling advice, respectively. One of the widely acclaimed posts by her is How to Organize Your Content for Instagram. This post details how posting in-the-moment can help you leverage you certain benefits for your business. Moreover, how you can turn the content scheduling process into a seamless one.

Rebekah Radice

The list of top social media blogs is incomplete without the mention of Rebekah Radice. Why do is say that? She is a social media strategist, a speaker and an author in addition to being an award-winning blogger.

Her blog goes an extra mile and does not deal in a run of the mill content. Instead, her blog offers insights on how can you use social media in order to make strategic business decisions and enact campaigns around it. Some of her standout posts are:

• 10 Social Media Strategy Ideas That Generate Real Results 
• 10 Steps to Creating a Winning Social Media Strategy
• How to Create Social Media Graphics That Spread Like Wildfire 

John Loomer

Mr. Loomer is another leading digital media guru and an entrepreneur. He ranks in one of the top social media bloggers today and his forte lies in the Facebook platform. Through his blogs, he intends to act as a catalyst in devising detail oriented and thoughtful posts. He believes social media is the new driver of change.

His blog houses a complete online reserve of Facebook that can help you in setting up your Facebook related business. How to Target Your Most Loyal Website Visitors with Facebook Ads is one his recent posts that have gone viral and it lists down FAQs in the Facebook ads domain.

Convince and Convert

A blog founded by Jay Baer – a leading social media strategist and as the name implies, it aims at providing advice and guidance to companies whereby they can create compelling content leading to conversions. 

This digital marketing company shares their insights on the company’s award-winning blog page. You will see daily posts covering topics on content and social media marketing. The blogs take into account the latest happenings and channel those trends/news into blogs which are presented in a user-friendly manner.

For more, listen to Jay Baer’s post on how YouTube marketing strategy is a top priority for social media marketers.


A blog operated by Mark Schaefer on the social media site called, which also is accompanied by his business Schaefer Marketing Solutions. He does not need an introduction as Mr. Schaefer is a well-known TV personality as he has appeared on BBC, CNN, and CBS News various times.

He is considered to be the most influential marketing voices over the web. His blog captures the diversity and essentials of content marketing, social media to motivational tricks of the trade alongside career advice.
If you must, watch his coverage on the best social media books which will help you decide which ones are worthy of your time and will help you grow.


You guessed it. It largely focuses on how to employ Pinterest to your gain. Pinterest social media platform has somewhat taken a back seat but still is a strong platform. At OhSoPinteresting, the owner Cynthia Sanchez input invaluable insights to becoming successful over Pinterest.

She has now added a podcast to her already existing blog. If you have businesses that are engaged in retail, e-commerce, or anything that has to do with buying/selling of items online, this blog should be your priority.

Seth Godin

A New Yorker and a best-selling author cum entrepreneur, he is the Jesus in the world of online marketing and social media. His famous blog, the Seth’s Blog held the coveted position of AdAge’s Power 150 in the year 2009.

His advice in the marketing domain is first-rate. His blog is known to be free of unnecessary industry jargons instead he keeps his blog posts simple and understandable for the reader. He doesn’t wrap his content in convoluted metaphors either.

You want to enjoy a piece of his work. Read Simple Questions for Writers which is highly recommended for these seeking to undertake a writing project. Will serve as the bible to you, I promise. 

Peg Fitzpatrick

The girl is a social media all-rounder. She has learned from the best and has worked with him as well, the king of social media Guy Kawasaki. The collaborated on a book called The Art of Social Media. Now she is a seasoned social “median” who specializes in all forms of social networking sites.

The thing that distinguishes her from her other kinsmen of the field is her ability to infuse right frame of mind and a positive attitude in her blogs. And it is all you need, mostly, a fresh approach/outlook towards life in order to succeed. Therefore, she serves as a great source of inspiration for people.

You can read some of her standout posts below:

• How Google+ and Pinterest Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly
• How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post
• How to Use Pinterest to Build a Loyal Following for Your Brand 

Social Media Examiner

SME is an online magazine aimed at businesses to grow and nurture social media to their leverage; tools such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It offers tips on how to bring in leads, conversions, and create brand awareness (in general).

Their blog is your onestop source of knowledge as it houses articles, in addition to video tutorials to employ social media channels packed with case studies, testimonials plus expert advice by leading gurus of the domain.

This list could go on for days and to list down the best content sites will not be best because, in an online world, everyday party A is outsmarting party B. For sure, there are a lot of other great social media blogs out there worth checking out but we have confined our list to a few of them.

With these aforementioned blogs, you’ll be in a better position to be able to commence weaving together a powerful social media strategy and implement it like the geniuses you already are!

Of course, you can always share the name of blogs or experts you have had the chance to follow or has been following to become a pro-social media marketer. Let us know in the comments below.

Author Bio:
Amanda Jenner is a digital marketing expert at Writing Victors. She is the mother of two cute little princesses. She loves to cook and writes in her free time. 
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