16 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know (infographic)

16 Video Marketing Benchmarks You Need to Know (infographic)

With video streaming websites like YouTube skyrocketing in popularity, an increasing number of businesses have taken advantage of this booming marketing opportunity. Videos might be more expensive to produce than tweets and graphics, but they also offer much more flexibility that you can't get with a static image. Whether you're looking for an advertisement, a how-to video, a product demo, or just a fun video to catch your clients' attention, you can do just about anything with this exciting art form.

In this study, Vidyard analyzed over 500 businesses and over 250,000 videos to see how businesses use video marketing to their advantage. Shorter videos tend to attract more viewers, but longer videos can still serve a purpose. Businesses have an average of almost 300 videos in their library, showing how vital they are to modern content marketing strategies. If you're interested in video marketing, read on to discover how you can use videos to your advantage.

16 Video Marketing Benchmarks You Need to Know (infographic)

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