Smart Social Content: The 2017 #SocialMedia Image And Video Size Guide (infographic)

If you're a marketing professional you know the importance of social media and the role it plays in attracting new customers. But what many people don't realize is that merely having a social media account isn't enough (although it certainly helps.) The best social media accounts have clean, eye-catching content that grab their clients' attention and make them want to learn more. A clean layout sends the message that your business is professional and dedicated—in other words, it's a business that they can trust.

But with so many popular social media websites on the Internet, each with a different function and set of layout requirements, running these accounts can be a bit overwhelming. With this simple, easy-to-read guide, you can learn how to build a professional layout and post quality content on each website. The rules are actually quite simple once you get to know them—and with that taken care of, it's time to start posting!

Infographic courtesy of: Spredfast.
The 2017 Social Network Image & Video Size Guide - infographic

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