Top Stock Photographs By Countries

Top Stock Photographs By Countries

Every year, stock photo websites release trends and insights for the coming year, sharing creative waves that will shape the visual communications industry. Stock photo agency, DepositPhotos, decided to look back at 2016 and see which visual trends have stayed and what is to be expected from new trends this year.

The DP team analyzed data from each country to see what the top downloads were for individual countries as well as in the world in general. Is there an apparent pattern based on these downloaded images? One thing is for sure - it is evident that there is an emerging trend towards a new aesthetic. Stock photography is no longer generic, but more personal and relatable.

The visuals produced by the DP contributors will ultimately play an important role in shaping the visual communications industry. Designers, bloggers, content managers, advertisers and other creatives are always on the lookout for refreshing content and stock photography websites facilitate their constant need for visual content. What are the winning photographs that they have chosen? Here are the top most popular stock photographs by countries.

Top Stock Photographs By Countries - infographic

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