The Nineteen Commandments of Pinterest Marketing Strategy

The Nineteen Commandments of Pinterest Market Strategy

Are you among one of those folks who want Justin Timberlake to host “Saturday Night Live”, or vote against “Justin Bieber” for comparing himself to MJ? Do you run a “Tattoo-Parlour” or family owned business selling “Salvadoran Pupusas” finding hard time to promote your business? Are you tired of Good-Ol’ Lays and want a Peppermint flavour lays that comes with a mustard dip? Do you consider yourself a fashion designer or are you tired of auctioning your collections on the EBay? Consider yourself among the millions who require a platform to express their feelings on a daily basis. With all these social-medias these days, who requires to invest a handsome amount on marketing strategies? All you need is a Smartphone with an internet connection and an inception. Are you still looking for a specific answer and guidance? All you need is to check out Pinterest.

Pinterest Bible to Exclusive Market Strategy

About 45% of the Pinterest users uses the app while watching TV and hence it makes them easy target for business promotion. The key to promoting one’s business is to get a high volume of Pinterest followers that will boost likes, repins, clicks, comments and impressions. More boosting means more traffic drive resulting sales increase and construction of a “Pinterest-Brand”. Pinterest also builds a ground for generation of customer engagements. This post will guide the social media marketers with 19 high-level tips and advice, who uses Pinterest to promote their business.

1. Pinterest Follow Button:

The Pinterest follow button enables a powerful form to redirect visitors to Pinterest page thereby attracting followers. If one has a high traffic website, Pinterest follow button provides an efficient solution to it. This follow button should be used in prominent and vantage points of the website making it easier for people to search the brand page converting them into followers. The social media marketers should use widget builder page on Pinterest or create a button customised as per their branding.

Exclusively Pinteresting Market Strategy for Gray Flannel Suiters has placed Pinterest follow button on the top right corner of the official webpage so that visitors can easily follow it on Pinterest and thus heavy traffic is diverted to Pinterest page attracting few of their thousand followers.

2. Profile Widget:

This widget is similar to follow button, which leads the visitors to the Pinterest page. Profile widget is more efficient than follow button since it is larger and highlights up to 30 of latest pins. The profile widget can be created using default setting on widget builder or a custom widget can be built as per business needs. Widgets not only provide potential followers but the pins displayed also are followed.

3. Price Tags:

Pinterest users do not merely passes by the website looking the pins but also ready to buy those creative inspirations. The price tags should be included in the pins created and repined. Pinterest drives referral traffic larger than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. Pinterest pins gets 36% more likes than those pins without.

For social media marketers it is not only essential to display the products but also to sell it hence true value with a utility mix, inspiration and proper information on product drives more followers.

4. Choice in Views:

Customers can only pin the first in a series of photograph while viewing the product highlighted on screen.

Choice in view provides opportunities for personalisation and customization for gaining multidimensional views of the same product.

5. Newsletter Readers:

The customer’s email inbox can be turned into a “Pinbox” by including some best Pinterest pins in weekly newsletter or regular mail. If you are a novice then you can take a screenshot of Pinterest pins in your newsletter and email it to your customer.

You need to place a link on that image that will redirect that link to Pinterest pin. The customer will definitely pin back and follow the pin on the newsletter.

6. Promotion:

Business promotion is done through choosing something engaging and fitting with current season, holiday or trend maybe.

Promote Halloweens cosplay or Christmas marketing on Pinterest and get repined and pins overnight to a maximum level. Offline tactics like promotional contents in stores should not be forgotten as well. The promote button has streamlined the advertising process.

7. Competitor Pins:

Use applications like Tailwindapp, which lets you, set alerts for when pinned from competitor’s domain so that you can locate those Pinners. Trace active followers and start following them. It is highly probable that those followers will return the favour.

8. Sharing a Lot:

Sharing a lot of pins often provides opportunity for more people to see the posts, pins and redirects to your page in Pinterest. This helps gaining potential followers who admires flaunting pinning stylography. Pinning a lot of images which are eye catchy is another Ace in the hole as those pics will definitely get pinned and repined.

Finding and pinning a lot of images amuses visitors and Pinterest recommends you more often to visitors who pin the same pics. Daniela of 007 marketing has literally gathered followers of over thousands for her Pinterest page. She did it by sharing many helpful pins containing quality content and images!

9. Commenting:

The popular section on Pineterest contains pins, which have been repinned, commented and liked several times, and hence commenting on such pins helps to be checked by interested pinners. Popular section pins when commented with a thoughtful one, makes the people anxious to check it out. Thus, visitors will check you out and you get followers.

However, too much commenting is considered as spam by Pinterest leading to suspension of account and hence should be avoided though. Therefore, comments should be limited to two-three times a day. You don’t wanna ruin your brand image at the end of the day right!

10. Social networks:

Connecting other social networking sites (SNS) to Pinterest is a quick backdoor policy to gather large voluminous followers from those SNS. Especially tweeting pins helps to gain twitter followers by displaying them on twitter pages. The Facebook friends and followers feeds are another G-spot for showcasing pins.

Nowadays most of the SNS helps to add a link to own websites, which can be used to redirect visitors to Pinterest pages.

11. Contribution:

A quick easy process to gain followers promoting business is to contribute other popular boards. When these popular boards are contributed, the quality pins contributed makes a good bait for their followers to become your followers too. If you form a rapport with that respective board, ask them to invite you to their board, which will give you an added advantage.

the Bushido of Pinteresting Market Strategy

Ashley Roth of Sugar and Cloth contributes to the #LetsCelebratePinParty which has lots of followers.

12. Following:

Follow people with similar taste of interest. Follow the ones who follow back and unfollow the un-followbackers. Firstly, type on the Pinterest search option the keyword related to your field. Then follow other similar Pinners or boards. Only follow those who share similar content like yours.

Follow about 100-300 people approximately and then wait for some days. Continue to follow those folks who have followed you back and unfollow the rest of suckers. Don’t follow peoples with different taste, rather follow individuals who have the same interest.

13. Contests:

it becomes easier to gather followers when contest is run on Pinterest, which offers attractive incentives or prizes.

Thus, it ensures target market will participate and hence increase and promote the business. Several tools exist like “Pin it to win it” or “Follow and hashtags” contests to manage it easily.

14. Keywords:

Add keywords targeting the features of the product, which can be used beside promoted pins. Pinterest recommend to use 20-30 keywords per pins promoted. Use it carefully so that the pins aren’t showed to wrong people. Use keywords which are trendy and to-the point.

Pinterest: the Ultimate Salvation to Exclusive Market Strategy

Often people search using keywords related to the season or trends or festival. Use such kind of keywords for best search results and ensure that pins are placed in right category.

15. Multiple products:

Feature multiple products in a single pin post as users are amazed by the multiple things that are offered. More options are also shown to provide a better chance to get featured.

16. Image height:

Vertical pins appearing taller perform better on Pinterest attracting visitors more. Use image dimensions from about 2:3 and 1.3:5 with a minimum of 600 pixels to hit the mark. Use text overlay on images and often make collages to make it vibrant and attractive.

17. Systematic tutorial:

Featuring a step by step process makes it easy for DIYs to understand the topic.

Images showing step by step tutorials are often gets clicked more on pinterest. These pics, gets repinned by the users who does so to save it for later references. It makes the tutorial looks easier and effective.

18. Google Analytics:

Google analytics offers a powerful tool marketers and e-commercial business posses. It works regardless of the business type of marketing being focussed on.

Google analytics is used to track traffic sent by both regular and promoted pins and helps to identify the users coming and moving through the page. This Google analytics also helps to track the no of users getting sent to your site each month and give an idea how to get more results from visitors received from pinterest!

19. Place pins:

‘Place pins’ helps the local business to furnish their market. Local businesses, targeting to increase destination travellers benefit from place pins. Place pin are basically rich pins with a map of the area of situation of business and other details included in the description.

Ultimate Solution to Exclusive Market Strategy: Pinterest

It shows the user about the exact location and can be added to the saved places of the user. If a user is checking out a nearby place pin, they can discover you. Hence, this alone is a cool feature, which makes use of place pin worthy.

Bonus infographic:

The Best Ways Small Businesses Can Use Pinterest to Engage Their Customers

The Best Ways Retailers Can Use Pinterest to Engage Their Customers - infographic
Source: Salesforce.

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