Best Ways Digital Marketers Can Keep A Healthy Mind

Best Ways Digital Marketers Can Keep A Healthy Mind

Having a productive day is very important when you're at work, and having a healthy mind is vital for digital marketers. Digital marketing means hours and hours of sitting in front of a computer and having the ability to focus. But to be able to focus and to have a sharp mind digital marketers have to include healthy and nutritional ways to be mentally and physically strong to able to live a richer and more fulfilling life.

These are some ways to incorporate mental, physical and nutritional approaches to have a healthy sharp mind and be fully productive throughout your digital marketing career.

1. Wake up early and go for a jog

Waking up early in the morning is crucial to start your day fresh and have a full productive day. One of the best ways to start your day is going for a jog. You don't need a gym membership or any expensive gear, or waste time driving to a gym, just a good pair of running shoes is all you need. When you go for a run early in the morning, you get the freshest air of the day that makes your run enjoyable and leaves you feeling energetic and happy. It also gives your brain a boost that makes you more productive all day.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast

Start your day with a healthy balanced breakfast with protein and healthy fats. Including protein and healthy fats keeps your blood sugar level balanced to sustain your energy all morning. Breakfast is not only the most vital meal of the day, but it is also the best meal for your brain. Some good examples for breakfast include eggs with vegetables, a smoothie with nut butter, or Greek yogurt with granola and berries. These kinds of foods will boost your performance and keep your mind sharp throughout the morning.

3. Pack a nutritious lunch

Packing your lunch keeps your choices of food on track. This way you know what you're eating and avoid having an unhealthy lunch of fast food or processed foods. Having a heavy meal often causes sleepiness in the afternoon, and you become less productive. Make sure your meal is high in protein and vegetables and low in carbohydrates and sugar. Fuel yourself with lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh vegetables. Your meal should mainly consist of vegetables with proteins and grains as side dishes that will fuel your body as well as your brain. Try to prepare your meals on Sundays and pack them the night before to avoid any stress of thinking about what to eat. Some good lunch ideas include lentil or vegetable soup, chicken & vegetable stir-fry, or salmon with quinoa.

4. Sip on green tea

Substitute drinking coffee for green tea. Caffeine in coffee instigates a surge of energy initially, but once the caffeine wears off, you will eventually feel more tired than you were before you drank any coffee. Sipping on green tea instead of coffee is a much better alternative. Green tea does contain caffeine but much lower amounts than coffee. Green tea is healthy for you since it contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that nourish you while giving you a subtle boost in energy that doesn't leave you feeling tired.

5. Take a daily brain break

Whether you like to do sudokus, crossword puzzles or play chess, do a mental exercise that will stimulate your brain and keep it in shape. When you mentally challenge your mind, it gives your brain a workout and reduces the risk of age-related memory loss. It is also important to space out any repetitive work a digital marketer might have according to Harvard to keep your mind fresh.

Could breaks (real breaks) mean less wasted time at work? - infographic
Infographic courtesy of: Quill.

6. Eat a healthy snack

Without having any healthy snacks packed with you, you're more likely to grab a processed snack from a vending machine. These kinds of snacks and candy bars will lead to an energy crash that will leave you feeling tired and less productive. Plan and pack your snacks the same as you plan your lunch. Healthy snack foods include yogurt, nut butter, nuts, and whole fruits such as bananas, berries, apples, and oranges. There are also pre-packed snacks that are not processed and are nutritious. This way you always have something on hand when hunger strikes.

7. Go to bed early

Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. Getting enough sleep will make you more productive and alert during the day.

Just remember, when you're at work there are many distractions from your computer or your surroundings. So try to keep your mind focused by using these great ways as mentioned above.
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