Most Powerful Content Marketing Tips for the Success of Ecommerce Business

The recent surge in the global growth of eCommerce industry has made it one of the hottest destinations for the startups. Going by a recent study carried out by e-marketer, eCommerce retail sales in the world are expected to touch the figure of $2.5 trillion by the end of 2018. This positive trend has attracted a large number of small businesses and startups to ride on the bandwagon of this exponential growth.

When it comes to succeeding in the digital landscape, eCommerce and content marketing go hand in hand. Because of the good content marketing, the eCommerce companies are adding the real financial value to their businesses. According to Econsultancy, 60% companies are increasing their content engagement and 30% are planning to invest more in creating original and unique content. This investment is helping these companies to stay ahead of the competition and also providing them a way to improve SEO.

Content marketing is backbone for the online businesses in terms of driving traffic their websites. Customers always need authentic and informational content while surfing through an eCommerce portal. Therefore, an attracting and engaging content has the potential to convert an engagement into a sale.

The following are some of the most profound content marketing tips if you want to succeed in eCommerce business:

Build a Strong Rapport With your Audience

The content you want to put in your website becomes ineffective if it asks direct signups from the visitors. It should rather be intended to create loyalty, branding and familiarity. Interesting content is one of the topmost reasons people follow brands on social media. Studies have shown that a significant percentage of customers prefer getting to know a company through articles than ads. So, it is always helpful for you to build strong relationship with your audience.

Identify Their Evolving Needs

The customers always look for new things and newer content. As a matter of fact, the needs of the customers are never constant as they change with the changing times. The hallmark of entrepreneurship is being able to determine whether those changes positively or negatively impact your business and how are you going to adapt them. So the effective way to do this to pay attention on your audience’s evolving needs. You can use various social media platforms to interact with them so that you have better idea regarding their needs.

Use Best Content Management Tools

It is pertinent for the eCommerce business owners to use a content management system for creating and managing their digital content. A web content management system is a software tool that profoundly helps in website authoring, collaborating and administering the content of a website. It allows the business owners, who have very little knowledge of web programming languages, to create and manage website content with relative ease. The content includes images, video, audio, video, text and multimedia. Magento is one such content management tool that is geared towards creating attractive and powerful eCommerce websites.

Employ a Personalization Strategy

Personalization is an effective strategy that provides more opportunities to the customers to latch on to. The faceless companies offer very little to the customers because they want something with which they identify themselves. So, personalization allows you to have a face or voice for your business, which intensifies the effect more and makes your brand even more identifiable to the customers.

Make Clinical Use of Context Marketing

Context marketing is a form of online content marketing that provides targeted advertising based on the user information. It is being considered as digital marketing’s next frontier. Principally, context provides an untapped element that carries an in-depth understanding of customers with which marketers anticipate people’s needs, wants, affinities and expectations. Context is the word that not just defines who, but when, where, why and how as well. Due to these reasons, context marketing helps you to connect with your demographics, putting the messages in right places at the right time.

Opt for User Generated Content (UGC)

The user generated content is being considered as the next wave of the web by industry experts. The UGC can be defined as any form of content such as video, blogs, posts, online discussions, images etc that was created and put up by end-users. Of late UGC has allowed the business owners or content marketers to develop new content on a regular basis. It helps in better understanding the target audience that enhances the customer satisfaction. The most exorbitant benefit of user generated content is that users run the show, and the business owners or content marketers do not have to empty their pockets on campaigns that may or may not perform well.

Guest Blogging is Key to Get Quality Links

Guest blogging is one of the profound ways to market your business by building relationships with other bloggers and experts of that field. The biggest advantage of guest blogging is the quality traffic it sends. It effectively helps you to build your domain name and search engine authority, which in turn enhances your online influence. Guest blogging on other popular blogs is a great way to impress others and propagate your business. It also establishes your online portfolio and authority. It is generally difficult for eCommerce businesses to get quality inbound links, which is why it becomes absolutely crucial to provide niche specific and link-worthy content. So, guest blogging is a profound strategy to build inbound links.

Bonus infographic:

Content Marketing And E-Commerce Predictions Trends

Digital Marketing And E-Commerce Predictions For 2017 - infographic
Source: Styla.

The power of content marketing lies in an effective and authentic storytelling. It is content that engages people more than a sales pitch can do for eCommerce businesses. Content has the ability to touch people’s emotions. Content shows your audience a picture of a problem of their life, and how they can solve it using the product you are selling to them. Because of these obvious reasons content marketing has the potential to make the eCommerce business easier. The above mentioned tips provide a strong foundation to the eCommerce businesses to flourish.
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