6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing in 2017

Six Compelling Reasons to Choose Video Marketing in 2017Social media is constantly evolving. But one trend that’s here to stay is video. Consumer behavior shows increased video consumption, but if you’re doubtful about its benefits as a marketing tool, here are 6 things video can do for you in 2017:

Increase Conversions and Sales with Landing Page and Explainer Videos

One minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words, according to Forrester researcher Dr. James McQuivey’s estimates.

In fact, 79% of consumers rely on a video to learn about a product, and 84% of them say they buy a product after watching a video.

This automatically translates into a boost in conversions - 80 % to be precise. You can do a lot with just two simple kinds of videos: Explainer videos and landing page videos.

Business explainer videos are big. 62% of businesses say they have one, and 91% of consumers have watched one. Businesses that use explainer videos have reported an increase in sales, more traffic website traffic, and reduction in the number of support calls they receive.

Reports suggest that a video on your landing page too can tremendously boost conversion. This is basically because a video increases the time spent on your page, letting your brand message sink in. Trust is built when consumers see you or your employees in landing page videos. But perhaps the most obvious reason they work well is because a lot of netizens are lazy, so they would prefer to watch than read.

Video magic works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Six Compelling Reasons to Choose Video Marketing in 2017

Meet Increasing Video Consumption Needs

Video consumption is only going to increase. This is a no-brainer, but here are the stats to back it up: By 2019 global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Just think about that.

When it comes to video, YouTube takes the cake. YouTube users watch more than 3 billion hours of video per month. Think with Google says that half of 18 to 34-year-old YouTube users would ditch what they’re doing to tune into a new video posted by their favorite YouTuber.

In fact, teens are apparently watching 64% less TV than adults (age 35 and older) because they want to slate in more time for online video.

If that’s not enough to convince you, listen to this: Businesses in 2017 are planning to put their money where video is. 49% of businesses plan to use Facebook in 2017, 42% plan to use Instagram, and 58% plan to use webinars. You don’t want to be left behind.

Get Searched with Video

An embedded video can do wonders for your Google rankings. Video accelerates your chances of appearing on the first page by 53 times. Why? Do the math. Search engines rank pages based on relevant and regularly updated content. A video is recognized as relevant, rendering your page a suitable candidate for a higher ranking.

See Some Serious ROI

According to latest 2017 statistics, 63% of businesses say they use video for marketing, and 83% of them believe it gives them a good ROI. 99% of them say that since it's working for them, they'll continue in 2017.

If you're wary of investing a large sum, remember that it doesn't have to be something extraordinary. Video content that explains a product or service well is far more effective than stunning effects or stellar quality. You can still go far with resources available on the Internet, and many Smartphones carry basic video tools.

Six Compelling Reasons to Choose Video Marketing in 2017

Make the Most of Mobile

A whopping 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobiles, and mobile video consumption increases by 100 per cent every year. With the number of smartphone users rising every year, more and more people are watching videos while they're on the subway, waiting at a cafe, taking a break from work, and even when they're watching TV! With such a growing audience, there’s no way you could possibly go wrong with video.

Mobile is where the personal touch comes in: Viewing ads or branded content on YouTube creates a personal connection with your audience, and that means they’re more likely to watch it.

Increase Email CTR

An email with a video link does wonders for your CTR and open rate. Here again, your email audience would appreciate brief, interesting videos so that they don’t have to read through lengthy paragraphs. It's probably not a good idea to embed JavaScript or Flash videos, however, as email clients of your recipients would probably block them.

6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Video Marketing in 2017

If you’re a startup or an established business who hasn’t yet taken your video marketing strategy seriously, now’s the time to start. Tons of businesses recognize that video marketing is no longer nice-to-have but a need-to-have, so chances are that your competition is already in on the game.

2017 is raring to go with video. Let’s get started!

Bonus infographic:
Zoom in to the 2017 Video Marketing Trends [Infographic]
Source: Socialparagon.

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