7 Quick Tips for Redesigning Your Company Logo

The 7 Best Logo Redesigns

When it comes to redesigning logos, graphic designers tend to take one of two views. Some think logo redesigns are easy because the logo already exists—everything's there, so they barely make any changes to it. Others think logo redesigns are a great time to toss the old design out like dirty dishwater and start all over.

But here's a little secret: those lines of thinking are both wrong. Logo redesigns are complex creatures. They take more skill than just touching up an old logo—and more skill than just replacing that old logo with whatever you think would look cooler.

True logo redesigns are all about enhancing what's most effective in the old design—which means you have to spend time studying the old design to see what's working and then think of creative ways to play up those traits. Only once you've settled on those traits, you can start taking out the other parts of the logo that aren't working so well.

To show you how it's done, the creative team at Company Folders has rounded up the 7 best ways to redesign a logo. Read on to learn the ins and outs of logo redesigns from real life brands like Pizza Hut, Bacardi, and Marriott.

7 Quick Tips for Redesigning Your Company Logo

Top image: Flickr / Workturn
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