53 Must-Have Features for Building a Successful Local Business Website [infographic]

53 Features Every Local Business Website Must Have [Infographic]

Good products and services are no longer enough to make your local business successful. You must also have a website. It may sound obvious to you. But what may not be so obvious is having an average website is not enough either. Your local business site needs to be very well-designed, properly optimized and user-friendly. An ordinary one won't cut the cheese.

You can easily find out the general web designing best practices on the internet. People discusses these all the time. But what about the special features of a local business site?

Apart from the basic ones, there are certain additional features that every small local business site should have. These are the features that make your customers love to stop by. But you may find it difficult to figure out what these key features are. There are very few resources on the internet dealing with the design principles for a local business site.

However, we have good news for you.

Recently, the experts of the leading web design company - WebAlive have combined their expertise with real market data looking for what works best for a local business. And finally here is an infographic that visually presents all the must-have features for a successful local business site.

While producing this infographic it was made sure that it shows every aspect of a local business site as clearly as possible. Even if you have limited to no web developing experience, you'll get an idea of how your site should look.

This useful infograph also contains practical on-site SEO tips and a list of things to avoid. Whether you have a custom-built site or one based on a popular CMS, make sure you have implemented these must-have features for your local business site.
53 Essential Features Every Local Business Website Should Have [Infographic]

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