8 Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out in 2017 (infographic)

8 Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out in 2017 (infographic)

In this digital age, it is imperative for brands and businesses to use content marketing and insert it in their business models. That being said, it is also important for marketers to keep up with what is trending so they know what to expect in coming years. Below are a few trends to look out for in 2017.

Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

8 Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out in 2017 (infographic)
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The live streaming trend started taking off in 2016 and will be very prominent in 2017, however, recorded video sharing will still be popular. The platforms that allow easy to use live video hosting are; Facebook Live, SnapChat, Periscope via Twitter, and YouTube Live. They are great for hosting live brand launch events, tours, product updates or the reveal of new products, tutorials, different events, and more other different types of content.

Virtual Reality

There have been some companies that have started showcasing their premium products using virtual reality. However, this is a very expensive yet effective way to showcase their products and services. There is a doubt, however, that this trend won't be available to small and medium-sized businesses next year, maybe once the tech becomes a little cheaper.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters for most B2B marketers were a great way to reach potential clients and share information with their current ones. Email open rates are actually going up in some cases, so if you thinking of a newsletter, or changing the format of a newsletter, it would be wise to launch in 2017. Oddly to say, in the previous five years it was heavily discussed how email newsletters will be dying down very soon, it would be premature to think of this now.


Everyone likes to tell a story, but people love hearing a good one, and this is particularly popular in content marketing. A being able to tell a good story isn’t just a case study for a business, but it also emphasizes the fact that spectators are starting to get tired of the idea of content just for the sake of it. Engaging your audience is a huge aspect of good storytelling. Now, by only updating your social media, or blogging, or having a blog is no longer enough.

Native Advertising Will Replace Push Advertising

Push advertising will fade away. There is a common distaste for ad blockers and online advertising, mainly because it is making it harder to reach consumers with pop-up ads, paid media, and so on and so forth. However, this trend is something everyone has been able to see for some time, especially since 2016 was the year of adblockers, consumers had more than enough of the matter and decided to take it upon themselves. However, advertising itself isn't going to go anywhere, but it will definitely evolve.

Distribution Channels

Mobile content is on the rise. Blogs and website should be easy to read on mobile phones and tablets. Content should be designed for mobile consumption.

In order to increase your reach on social media, you will have to invest in advertising or online marketing.

Interactive content has been on increasingly on demand, and it is viable especially if the content marketer wants to hold the web visitor’s attention.

Different Types Of Content

About seven years ago, everyone was in a rush to get a blog. Now it is time to make a video strategy because interactive media and video will become increasingly popular.

Nowadays, most content marketers many different types of content to get the word across, for example e-Books, blogs, videos, and even webinars. However, it would be wise to plan out, or devise a content strategy for your consumer in the form of a journey, rather than help them move from one stage to another. Content should be made as if it is aiding the consumer to make a decision in a gradual process and will rely on the help of the content to make decisions further in the future. It should be captivating and be able to keep up with what is trending in the media and the news. Content made should be a powerful facilitator.

Even though there are different types of content that are up and coming, and new technology constantly developing to help get the content out there- the main core of the content isn’t going to change. It is all about building a long-term relationship between you and your consumers. However, just make sure that the most popular mediums are being used to reach them otherwise all the hard work will go down the drain.

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