8 Cool Tips to Design Your Next Business Card (Infographic)

8 clever ways to make your next business card design pop (Infographic)

You might have heard a rumor circulating that business cards are obsolete. But that's only half true. The species of business card that's gone extinct is the ugly, boring, flimsy paper card. Super cool custom cards, on the other hand, are still alive and well.

The key to keeping your business card out of the trash can (where 9 out of 10 cards go) is to create a card that's so cool or so useful that nobody wants to throw it out. With that in mind, designers are getting more and more creative in how they customize business cards.

That's why business cards are now taking on all sorts of shapes—literally. Some cards are 3D, while some are special die-cuts shaped like a company's product. Designers are even creating dual-use cards that can function as tiny tools, kitchen utensils, or even a snack (yes, chocolate lovers—candy business cards are a thing).

To start creating your own super awesome business card, you'll want to check out these 8 steps to business card success from the creative team at Company Folders. They've compiled all their design wisdom to make sure your next business card is as cool as it gets.

How To Design A Business Card That Promotes Your Small Business - infographic

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