Sneaky Online Tools to Help You Spy on Your Competitors

Sneaky Online Tools to Help You Spy on Your Competitors

Being spy in this competitive edge is always an agreeable idea that everyone thinks even before starting a new business. Well, I may be late to discuss this conversation, but I can unveil some of the best information and tools that could help you stand on your competitors.

It is actually a game to know marketing tools that your competitors are already using, let’s play a simple game with the following tools but the condition is you must have known who your target audience are and which keywords they are targeting!

Here we go with some of the best online tools.

Google Alerts

All you need to do is just setup a Google Alert and get the exact track of every move the competition is making. By setting up the Google alert, a ring bell will come to your mail, as and when any related name of your competitors mention online.

This alert has proved to be the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to ensure that you are advanced on each divulge of your competitor’s brand.


It is the biggest platform where a user can create multiple alerts. It facilitates users monitoring their own brand mentions, any other keywords and mentions of their competitors as well. This tool works with 40 different languages and ensures verifying millions of sources including blogs, social Medias, videos, images, and forums.

Mention works in real time and assists you to look at the detail statistics including mention locations, Instagram, trending news, twitter, and influencers talking about the reach, brand, and much more.

It is said to be the useful tool that emphasizes difference between you and your competitors, or possibly between competitors.


This tool serves to track the mentions of any brand in real time. Brand24 shows what the social influencers are talking about your competition and who are monitoring them online and what the estimation behind these mentions is.

You can keep an eye on any new search term of your competitors and compare social mentions that the tool highlights against your opponent. By setting up the alert, you can monitor their SEO strategy and which links juice they are getting and even more.

Link alerts:

Knowing that which link is worthy and which are bringing you down is the best tool you can use to increase the search visibility. Like as a Google alerts, Links alerts shows the links of your own brand, back link history and also offer competitive backlink analysis.

Once the alert is placed, you can receive the comprehensive list of what back links they are getting and how trustworthy they are, so that you can easily decide on working on the particular links could be worthy or not.

Monitor Backlinks:

Resembling other tools, monitor backlink also supports you in analyzing linking of your own brand and of the competitors, but this tool also offers you a special feature of keyword rank checker, that allows you to keep an eye on your keyword and then compare ranking with those of your competitors.

Open site Explorer:

Moz tool act as the SEO guide for the website and open site explorer from MOZ is one of the free and best tools every business can use to keep a close eye on the competitor’s SEO strategy. In this simple tool, you just have to add the website link and then you can potentially check links pointing to your site as well as the competitor’s link (based on the respective links you would like to check)


With SpyFu, you can get the comprehensive SEO information including the competitor’s keyword strategy, Ad campaigns, ranking history for various links, organic search analysis, and other useful information.

Similar Web:

The tool of competitive analysis, similar web provides data on top content, traffic sources, social mentions, and much more. Free and pro packages are available; a lot of data including referral sites and search traffic and more is available. Pro packages start at $99 per month.

Google Keyword Planner

This tool aids you to observe the traffic estimate and the recommendation of suitable keywords you can choose for your brand. As it is from Google, you can rely on the data it provides, this also helps you find competitor data.

Ways to use this tool:

• Monitor your own website and competitors
• Find competitor keyword data (organic and paid)

What Runs Where

This tool specializes in analyzing which ads work and help you watch your competitors. What runs where offers great feature by supporting over 40 Ad networks across different countries and facilitates you track a list of your brand competitors.

You will then get a ring or an alert when your competitor publishes a new content or launches a new ad. The tool facilitates tracking ad production of competitors and eases you to have the best marketing strategy for your own business by keeping an eye on your opponent.

However I had discussed only important tools but there are many other tools, which I will be pointing down:










Let’s get started:

Monitoring your competition is the first best strategy, what all you need is ultimate tools which save your time and effort. You may not identify but your competitors are doing with you same now, not only to keep an eye on your strategy but also to learn from your mistakes.

Which tools are you using to monitor your competition, which tool is best to monitor, let me know if I missed any tool! I will be happy to include it in my article.

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