8 Powerful Components to Boost Content Marketing Success

5 Powerful Components to Boost Content Marketing Success

A successful content marketing campaign can be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy and yield many benefits for your brand. The power of content marketing uses to generate inbound traffic for more audience with relevant information. It increases engagement with targeted audiences who prefer detailed instruction manuals or tutorials while others may prefer purely visual content. More leads and sales are generated by content marketing and it boosts website’s organic link.

Content marketing is one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to develop and maintain relationships with customers. It educates and entertains people with useful information that can help them to solve their problems and show the way how to handle different issues.

Here are some factors which can dramatically affect the success of your content marketing efforts:

1. Understand Your Target Customers For a Clear Strategy

It is important to determine your customers from the target market before making any inbound strategy. Know your customer base helps you to understand your audience’s challenges, values, and interests. It is also important to consistently update customer persona because the market needs a change as digital trends.

There are things you need to know:

Who would find my content?

Who are my potential consumers?

Who are my current consumers?

2. Create Different Types Of Content That Decision-Makers Seek To Read

The type of your content will target audience in engaging, promoting and identifying the best platform to share. A well-defined content marketing strategy adds value to overall business marketing objectives.

The benefit of writing more is that you can share on social media networks more. Short 400-words are not good enough to increase traffic and adding value for your business. Content which is more than 3,000 words can be shared two or three times than 1000 words content. A professional agency SEO Advise says that you should keep words length more than 1500 words for an effective SEO oriented content.

Longer Content helps in:

Making better rank in Google

To get more social shares

To get more links

3. Market Your Content On Multiple Channels

To promote your content, you need to have a streamline of entertaining and educational content. If you do not have these factors, it is a waste content. When you create content, you should advertise it through multiple social channels.

Here are some ways to promote:

Referral partnering with online influencers can lead fast and accelerated traffic

Use your email list to attract leads and traffic

Optimizing for search engines will drive more traffic than social networks

Create global content distribution with your social media networks

4. Constant Testing And Experimentation

It is imperative to measure your audience’s response to every aspect of the content marketing strategy. Many marketers make a mistake in measuring their content’s performance on different social channels. Google Analytics is an important tool which helps in understanding various metrics like numbers of pages visits, the bounce rate of page, generation of inbound links, website’s behavior, the source of traffic and more.

Here are some ideas that are based on experimentation and help to find business objectives:

Extend the testing circle to include more participants in A/B testing & multivariate testing. This provides you a way to understand produced content that meets organizational objectives.

Think like a data scientist that can help you to determine what works and what does not, as your audience and velocity grows.

Focus on determining where your content belongs or what content should be inserted for high-value placements on your website.

Make sure you are always creating experiences that are personalized to your individual customers and segments.

Content should be relevant and has to lend value to consumers.

There is a need to put your content where people consume most of their information. Write place content delivers more customer engagements. You can follow above mentioned components which can be used to develop an effective marketing strategy to boost a successful content marketing.

Bonus infographic:

The Top 8 Content Marketing Best Practices

Source: CJG Digital Marketing.

Author Bio:
Amy Porras is a lead Digital Marketing Strategist at SEO Advise. She has led online marketing programs in Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Advertising and Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing Strategy.
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